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Decision Making Models Essay

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The development of decision-making models are to aid decision makers to minimize the threat of human mistakes, and taking into account the inference of courses of actions from observable behaviors. These decision making practice is the ability to convey on an option, that leads to a positive outcome. On the other hand, an outstanding decision making tool does not always construct a yellow brick road with a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. There are numerous models with different criterias, which help to brainstorm and discover resolutions for unusual circumstances or occasions. The 7-step decision-making model I first selected was for career decision making by Rick Robert. Beforehand, at University of Phoenix, I was perusing a career in Architecture that was harder than I expected. I was willing to take advantage of my opportunities to produce a victorious effect. The conditions on the Career Decision Making Model are the series of finding ourselves, exploring the life-styles, taking actions, and then re-evaluate our intellect. The second model I used was the 6-step to Ethical Decision Making, especially when it came to job-related matters. I experience the coaching of the Ethical Decision Making procedures, because they were dominant and common sense to the business world.Finding your dream career is more difficult than searching for a take-home pay job from the daily breeze newspaper. The 7-step Career Decision Making method clearly examines the problem at site. The first step was to identify the decision to be made. Last year, I was trying to decide on a career path that could work around my family schedule and me. At that point, I was choosing to become an Architect or Business Management major. The second key step was to know and review your skills, interest, values, and personality. Back in high school, I like to computer and hand draft floor plans of commercial homes. Since elementary, I have utilized computers and accessed the internet on a daily bases. At El Monte RV my current employer, I am very multi talented when it comes to customer service. In the office, I was extremely fast, neat, helpful, and accuracy on every task. I love to chat and talk about real topics, especially to customers. I have a real cool down to earth personality and I do not let anger eat my happiness alive. The third step was to identify the current and the might be available options. My available options were the education listing of courses, events, library, career center and internet links. The might be available options includes internship, student employment office, and field trips for hands on experience. The forth step was to gather data, identify additional resources, and utilize new information. Therefore, I called relatives and friends that might know of someone in those particular fields that can give me additional feedback on both. I also spoke with career counselors or advisors from various universities about the process of achieving a bachelor...

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