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Decision Making Paper

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Each company or group has its own individual decision making style or styles. These different styles all have strengths and weaknesses. Each company has to choose the decision making style in which the strengths or benefits outweigh the risks or weaknesses. The following paragraphs will demonstrate examples of different decision-making styles of the different team members' organizations. Decision making can be regarded as an outcome of mental processes leading to the selection of a course of action among several alternatives. Every decision making process produces a final choice (Reason, 1990). The output can be an action or an opinion of choice.Dayatra's Organizational Decision Making ProcessThis section will detail the decision making processes of Employment Assistance Services, Incorporated (EAS, Inc.) a home health agency in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dayatra has been an employee of EAS, Inc. for many years and enjoys her job as a patient care associate (PCA) for the organization and would describe the style of her organization as a part of one of the four authoritative decision making styles.Authoritative decision making is one decision making style utilized by leaders. If it becomes the default and is the one method a leader uses, it can cause serious problems. In any particular situation, it's useful to have a range of different strategies to choose from. Other decision making styles include facilitative, consultative and delegative (Authoritative Decision Making, 2010).In Dayatra's organization the delegative/flexibility decision making styles would be most prevalent. Dayatra's organization allows their employees to work independently after management delegates their responsibilities of the day. This conclusion was drawn because the delegative style indicates the given instruction by management daily, and the flexibility style is in use because management moves between styles depending on the need.In Dayatra's organization management often asks the opinions of its employees to ensure that the organization meets the standards of its community and that the quality of care is impeccable for each client served by EAS, Inc. The consultative decision making style would be the style less used in the organization, but the characteristics of it is used. The decision is ultimately made by the subordinate (PCA).Independent work ethics are essential in Dayatra's organization, so management making the final decision on the care of the patient can be costly and severe. In traditional decision making styles the consensus decision making style would be the most prevalent for Dayatra's organization because management transfers control and is not responsible for the decision and its consequence.Amy's Organizational Decision Making ProcessAmy has worked at a company named Patterson Technology Center for about two months. Each day there are new decisions that have to be made. The problem could be something as hard as the motherboard going out or as simple as...

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