Decision Making Techniques For Managers: Kaleidoscope Brainstorming

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"Creativity is not something one learns as much as it is an attitude one maintains. Moreover, creativity is not something that happens on schedule."- Vinton Cerf, Senior Vice President, MCI.Brainstorming is defined as a method of shared problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas ( The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Kaleidoscope Brainstorming can be used as a decision-making technique and illustrate the effectiveness of this particular technique. The procedure used for this analysis will give a description of kaleidoscope brainstorming, including its process and application. Furthermore, this paper will investigate when and when not to use kaleidoscope brainstorming as a decision-making tool.DescriptionBrainstorming is a powerful technique for problem solving, learning and development, planning and team building. Compared to regular brainstorming, Kaleidoscope Brainstorming, which was developed by Dr KRS Murthy, is a more innovative advanced method of brainstorming. It not only produces vastly more ideas than conventional brainstorming, but also acts at a deep level to build teams and harmonious work groups. Much of the value of this concept lies in developing awareness of self and others.In Kaleidoscope Brainstorming, as with basic brainstorming, the facilitator has a big responsibility to manage the activity, people's involvement and sensitivities, and then to manage the follow up actions. A facilitator, who normally runs the sessions, introduces the purpose, explains the ground rules, and coordinates the process. A note taker or scribe may be used to document all the ideas generated in the session. Generally, the session is open to any ideas. The most important guideline is that no idea is a bad one.Kaleidoscope Brainstorming techniques are applicable to any subject or situation, and any type of forum where people can work as a group, including internet-based conferencing and communications. The process makes efficient use of silence and communication, which are alternately used in the brainstorming session.ProcessThe process of Kaleidoscope Brainstorming is done in multiple sessions. These sessions can range in number, but the pattern remains similar.The first session is where initial solutions to a problem are generated through a brainstorming session. The session is conducted in a typical fashion with the group members speaking out their ideas in a round robin or random fashion for an agreed period. The facilitator can use any normal brainstorming format for this session (Chapman, 2006).The second session is the silent brainstorming session. This stage requires all team members to stop talking and to think of ideas, which are written down by each member. In addition, the members must guess the ideas that others may be thinking and writing down. Members should do this using deep thinking, and base their guesses on the manner that others answered during the first speaking part of the...

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