Decision Support System Essay

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Decision Support System
One of the biggest dilemmas in owning a store and providing a service in selling a product is figuring out how much of the item to get, if an owner gets too much of a product, the owner will lose money, if the owner does not get enough of a product, customers will shop somewhere else and the owner will not only lose the sale, but also potentially lose a customer who is willing to shop somewhere else to get the product they want. This past Christmas, I was shopping for the latest Frozen Movie Soundtrack for a gift. I had to go to three stores to find the CD to purchase. If the original stores that I went to had the product in stock, I most likely would have bought several more items.
Decision Support System
According to Herbert Simons, “decision making has four distinct phases: intelligence, design, choice and implementation.” (Haag & Cummings, 2013, pp. 98-99) In making a decision about how many of the hottest CD’s to have in stock for your music store, the first thought is how popular is the CD, how many CD’s do you think you can keep in stock? The second is to take advantage of the opportunity to have this CD in stock and to potentially sell other items related to the CD. What else will people purchase when coming in to shop at your music store? The third is to make plans on purchasing the CD’s from your distributor, making sure that the store has the employees available to sell the item. The final decision is to make sure that the order is placed, the item gets to your store to sell and the customers are purchasing the item at a time when the item is predicted to be popular.
Some considerations that would go into a decision support system if I were a music store owner and wanted to make sure that I profited from the sales of the hottest CD is the population of the market that I am selling to, does this particular type of music sell in the area that I own my store in. I would also consider if my distributor has the item in stock and can...

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Decision Support System Essay

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Decision Support System Essay

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