Decisions, Division And The Downfall Essay

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Panic occurs during times of crisis. Irrational decisions are made and often prioritizing survival comes first. In these crisis situations it is best for individuals to stick together and unite as one as opposed to separating. This is shown in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. The boys decide to split up into different tribes as opposed to sticking together. This is the reason why things go wrong on the island. It causes tensions to arise between the two groups and power to go into the wrong hands.
When a group decides to spilt up and creates smaller groups it creates tension. Since both groups have the common goal, which is survival it almost becomes a competition between the two. In order for one group to strive in survival the other must suffer. This is shown in Lord of the flies in order to make a fire to stay warm and cook food, Piggy’s glasses are needed. Only Ralph’s group had them because of Piggy. In order for Jack’s group to survive they need the glasses, so he and his tribe decided to forcefully and violently steal the glasses. He and his tribe come during the night to where Ralph’s group is camped out. “The wails of agreement from some of the hunters, drove Jack to violence. The bolting look came into his blue eyes. He took a step, and able at last to hit someone” (Golding 100). Jack’s tribe contended with Ralph’s group for the glasses, now Jack’s tribe is able to survive longer, but Ralph’s group now suffers from the loss. If the boys had decided to stick together there would be no need for violence against each other. Also, none of the groups would have to suffer from the loss. Since some resources are scarce, most individuals may not receive it. This causes fights for it, but if the boys worked as a team they would work together to distribute it evenly. This also shows that the groups only care about themselves and the competiveness has gone so far that they would attack another human. This illustrates human values, of how violence is valued over compromising and justice by some in this society. The fight for the resources could have been easily avoided if they had stuck together. It takes just one attack to start a war between the tribes. Once one group attacks the other feels the need to retaliate and fight back. If one group were to obtain a scarce resource then that tribe would be seen as a taller poppy....

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