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Not all tropical destinations are view as paradise. One such place is the island of Kava that is currently going through difficult times. The Pharmaceutical Company that I will be working for will determine how it will play a role in rebuilding this disaster stricken place. In this paper, I will focus on identifying the problems, define criteria, goals, objectives, and evaluates the effects.Within two weeks of finishing my degree in business management, I landed a job with a Japanese Pharmaceutical Company as an assistant to director of strategic planning. This company requires me to travel to another part of the world - an island country of Kava, in the South Pacific. Although I never heard of Kava I was excited and looking forward to this new job. In addition, I figured since Kava is in the South Pacific, it has to be a beautiful place. I could not wait to get to Kava to start my new job.Upon arriving to Kava, I was in for a surprise. Kava was not all what I had perceived it to be. I quickly noticed that all the property in Kava was a mess, and this continued all the way to the company's office. It was evident that something horrible had happened to this South Pacific paradise. I finally met my supervisor Alex whom I though was the receptionist. Nevertheless, Alex told me that this island of Kava is a country in need of assistance. She then went onto explain to me the problems throughout the island.Identify the problemsAfter hearing Alex's debriefs about Kava, I have identity the following problems. Aside from the mess of the office, is the location in Kava was a mess as well. This South Pacific island is located in the path of many potential natural disasters that can threaten the infrastructure, and crops as well as its people. Such disasters as hurricanes, typhoons volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and even some epidemics like HIV and avian flu are serious problems that Kava will face at any given moment.The population of Kava is one of the biggest problems. Fifty percentage of the island's population are children under 15 years of age. In addition, there are different cultures, religions, languages. Furthermore, the problem with the helping organizations, such as governmental service - local, state, and national levels - including the military, faith based groups and businesses.In addition, I have a problem as well. I have second thought about this job after being faced with this mess. I am fresh out of college and not quite sure that I am up for this challenge. Do I truly need this pressure? In addition, I will be in another country away from...

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Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part I

842 words - 3 pages strikes and swift recovery after the disaster has passed (Search Storage, 2006, ¶ 1).These are the final options available to the company in Kava. Without the minimum delineated safeguards, the author considers that the company would be set to fail in the event of a minor emergency, which would escalate to a major disaster in no time. This would create an uninviting paradise in the South Pacific.ReferencesBranscomb, L. (2002). Terrorism

Decisions in Paradise II Essay

1001 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise IIAs described in the previous paper, Decisions in Paradise: Part I, Kava is currently facing several issues on the island and is in need of assistanceIdentify the causes of the problemsThe first major cause of the problem is the natural disasters that hit this island. These natural disasters can destroy the people, land, crops and cause petroleum spill. A large petroleum spill or fire could do very serious damage to the

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1119 words - 4 pages Within Decisions in Paradise I and II, I have described the following: identify the problem, define criteria, goals, and objectives, evaluate effect of the problem, identify causes of the problem, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and make the decision. In part III of Decisions in Paradise, I will implement decision and measure impacts.Implement decisionFor humanitarian aids, the company will hire consultants from World Food

Decisions In Paradise

760 words - 3 pages plan stays on track. The evaluation of the stakeholders and the ethical implications of the solution will also need to be evaluated to ensure a proper solution has taken place. Decisions in Paradise III Looking back into Decisions in Paradise I and II, it covered the following: identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problems and identifying the causes of the problems. I framed out the

Decisions in Paradise III

2579 words - 10 pages legal age labor and support, and overcoming the language barrier are four ways to establish a greater presence in Kava. We need to accomplish these goals and it will take organization and motivation with everyone in our company and specifically our office in Kava. I will now describe what is needed to implement these decisions. Decision Implementation It will take money, time, and patience to implement our decisions for providing disaster

Decisions in Paradise

796 words - 3 pages PAGE PAGE 4 Decisions in Paradise Part II Decisions in Paradise IIGloria DorkowskiUniversity of PhoenixMgmt 350Dr. Kathleen BatesDecember 1, 2008Introduction:According to (2008), "decision-making, also referred to as problem solving, is the process of recognizing a problem or opportunity and finding a solution to it." The Florida educational system encourages students to learn as unique individuals, each needing different learning

Decisions in Paradise

743 words - 3 pages groups or government can help to elevate some of these threats floods place sand bags when needed. Fires set guidelines for those burning or having fires. HIV/AIDS inform people about the virus and threat it causes and test people at high risks. Military could help prevent terrorism from happening by have tighter borders.We have our work cut out for use I just want to make this work and improve the Kava area and office to make an environment that everyone will want to be at.Resources:MGT350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making; Business Scenario: Decisions in Paradise: How to be, or not to be.

Decisions in Paradise

902 words - 4 pages was going to an island of paradise to take on my dream job but when I arrived I was mistaken. CHS had only one employer, Alex, the director of strategic planning. He introduced me to the company and its history. I learned Kava is threatened by many different kinds of natural disasters and are in need of business outside the country. Kava is made up of native South Pacific tribes with some mix of African, French, Spanish and Americans. Over 50% of

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1411 words - 6 pages Decisions in Paradise Kava is a culturally diverse island in the South Pacific. 50% of Kava’s population is indigenous, while the remaining amount of population is split up between the: Americans, French, Africans, and Spanish. Kava also has a variety of resources including: bananas, cocoa, coffee, spices, and petroleum. However, 50% of the population is age 15 or younger. That doesn’t make for a large workforce. Kava is also plagued with

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1756 words - 7 pages of encumbrances. Stewart Title has decided to expand the company to the small island of Kava in order to support the community and economy of that country. As part of the strategic planning in bringing Stewart Title to Kava, I have found four key issues that need to be addressed. Over 50% of the population is under the age of 18, multiple languages are spoken in this country, and the natural disasters and medical problems that occur in Kava can be

Decisions in Paradise Part III

961 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise papers I and II have described the following: the problems facing the island of Kava, the criteria defined, goals, objectives, the problems effecting the island of Kava evaluated, causes of the problems identified, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and decision have been made in terms of the best way to implement the necessary changes. In part III of Decisions in Paradise the impact of the decisions made

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Decisions In Paradise I Essay

1647 words - 7 pages avian flu. The idea behind Stewart Title coming to Kava is to establish a strong business community to benefit both Stewart Title and the country of Kava. In achieving this goal, I quickly realized I needed a game plan.RecommendationBy using the University of Phoenix model of decision making steps, I was able to determine quickly what problems face Stewart Title and can make decisions based on identifying the problems with bring business to

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1121 words - 4 pages Decisions in paradise Part I PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5 Running head: Decisions in Paradise Part IDecisions in Paradise Part IA graduate student named Nick has accepted what seems to be an opportunity of a lifetime to work with Aventis Pharmaceutical, a world leader in pharmaceutical products. His role was to be an assistant to the director of strategic planning. Aventis Pharmaceutical offers number of vaccines, which can prevent various diseases

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1327 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part INAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE/TITLEINSTRUCTOR NAMEDATEDecisions in Paradise Part INik, a recent graduate, has and accepted what appears to be a chance of a lifetime opportunity to work with a Direct2cell a biotech startup as the assistant to the director of strategic planning. Direct2cell is in the research and development stage of targeted nanoparticles headquartered in the United States. The organization is

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1216 words - 5 pages The thought of journeying to an island far away seems enticing to most people. White sand, crystal blue water, excellent cuisine, and cleanliness are the characteristics most people keep in mind when traveling to an island for either a getaway or to purchase a timeshare. Unfortunately, the island of Kava is currently faced with many obstacles that need to be overcome if Kava is to be seen as a competitor in the tourist and realty worlds