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Within Decisions in Paradise I and II, I have described the following: identify the problem, define criteria, goals, and objectives, evaluate effect of the problem, identify causes of the problem, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and make the decision. In part III of Decisions in Paradise, I will implement decision and measure impacts.Implement decisionFor humanitarian aids, the company will hire consultants from World Food Programme (WFP) to do an emergency assessment on how much, how long and how to delivery the food and water to the people. Once we have the assessment, WFP and Nihon, Inc. will draw up an Emergency Operation (EMOP), including a plan of action and budget, this includes what type of transport will use, set up sites in Kava where the supplies will be distributed, and rent warehouses in the U.S to receive and store the donated supplies (WFP, 2007).The company will then hire qualify people to work at warehouses in the U.S. and Kava. These people will be responsible for handling and organizing the donation such as receiving and pick-up form donors, arrange shipments to Kava, monitoring, and distributing supplies to the islanders. In addition, the company will inquire Kava's citizen to volunteer as well to work for a reasonable fee.The next step is to petition with U.S. and international governments, and national communities for funds, food, and services. Nihon, Inc. can request its employees to ask their local communities to donate as well. As the funds and food start to flow, WFP and Nihon, Inc. link the gap between the donors and the people in need. The supplies will be either carry by ship or air. Once the supplies arrived on the island, transporting the supplies from trucks to distribution sites will be the final link.As the supplies arrived at the distribution sites, the government can announce where the islanders can pick-up the aid. Each family is requires to register before they can receive the aid. By registering, the company will not only have the people's information on record, this will also enable the company to track and monitor how much aid was given and when to re-supply (WFP, 2007). Since Nihon, Inc. has a health and medical supplies store in Japan, Japan will be responsible for organizing and handling the shipments of these supplies.Unless Kava's government has temporary buildings for the people to reside; otherwise, temporary housing are needed. The government will assess the amount of people that are homeless. With the assessment, Nihon, Inc. will request the U.S. government to donate prefabricated trailers or use the company funds to purchase trailers for a cheaper price. Depending on the size of the trailer, the company will place two or more families together in one trailer until new homes are build. To qualify for a new home, the islanders will have to volunteer in the construct process. They have to invest at 100 hours of their own labor into building their house. These houses will be...

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Decisions in Paradise Paper Part III

1076 words - 4 pages Kava is a significant island country in the South Pacific. The island has been plagued by a number of disasters and faces a number of dangers both manmade and natural. During the past few months, the country has been hit with a number of these disasters and is currently in a state of disorganization and disarray. Arriving visitors and tourists are certainly not met with the picture of blue waters, white beaches and alcoholic beverages served on

Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part III

1027 words - 4 pages Allegra Direct Communication is a company based in Kava. The company is trying to establish greater presence in Kava. Allegra has chosen one, to assist in this mission. The government has asked many of organizations to bring their business culture to Kava. In every scenario/situation decisions have to be made and issues have to be defined because they may turn into possible obstacles. Before decisions can be made the problem has to be formulated

Decisions In Paradise

760 words - 3 pages plan stays on track. The evaluation of the stakeholders and the ethical implications of the solution will also need to be evaluated to ensure a proper solution has taken place. Decisions in Paradise III Looking back into Decisions in Paradise I and II, it covered the following: identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problems and identifying the causes of the problems. I framed out the

Decisions in Paradise II

1001 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise IIAs described in the previous paper, Decisions in Paradise: Part I, Kava is currently facing several issues on the island and is in need of assistanceIdentify the causes of the problemsThe first major cause of the problem is the natural disasters that hit this island. These natural disasters can destroy the people, land, crops and cause petroleum spill. A large petroleum spill or fire could do very serious damage to the

Decisions in Paradise

796 words - 3 pages PAGE PAGE 4 Decisions in Paradise Part II Decisions in Paradise IIGloria DorkowskiUniversity of PhoenixMgmt 350Dr. Kathleen BatesDecember 1, 2008Introduction:According to (2008), "decision-making, also referred to as problem solving, is the process of recognizing a problem or opportunity and finding a solution to it." The Florida educational system encourages students to learn as unique individuals, each needing different learning

Decisions In Paradise I

860 words - 3 pages , (2007). Decisions in paradise business scenario. Retrieved June 15, 2007, from University of Phoenix, Week Two, rEsource. MGT350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in decision making.

Decisions in Paradise

743 words - 3 pages groups or government can help to elevate some of these threats floods place sand bags when needed. Fires set guidelines for those burning or having fires. HIV/AIDS inform people about the virus and threat it causes and test people at high risks. Military could help prevent terrorism from happening by have tighter borders.We have our work cut out for use I just want to make this work and improve the Kava area and office to make an environment that everyone will want to be at.Resources:MGT350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making; Business Scenario: Decisions in Paradise: How to be, or not to be.

Decisions in Paradise

1411 words - 6 pages Decisions in Paradise Kava is a culturally diverse island in the South Pacific. 50% of Kava’s population is indigenous, while the remaining amount of population is split up between the: Americans, French, Africans, and Spanish. Kava also has a variety of resources including: bananas, cocoa, coffee, spices, and petroleum. However, 50% of the population is age 15 or younger. That doesn’t make for a large workforce. Kava is also plagued with

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1096 words - 4 pages AbstractIn the final installment of Decisions in Paradise three part project, Nik is faced with the challenges of implementing the proposed solutions for expansion of the Children's Home to the South Pacific island country of Kava. Nik applies critical thinking decision making skills to determine the factors affecting decision implementation including his proposed solutions. Because of the massive requirements of the project, Nik solicits the

Decisions in Paradise Part 3

931 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise 3 1 Decisions in Paradise 3 PAGE 3 Decisions in Paradise Part 3Monique ConeMGT350June 14, 2010Edward DempseyDecisions in Paradise Part 3This paper will show: 1) determining factors affecting decision implementation, 2) evaluating resources and actions required for decision implementation and 3) evaluating ethical implications from stakeholder perspectives.Determining factors affecting decision implementation determining

Decisions in Paradise, Part 1

1075 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise PAGE 1 Decisions in Paradise PAGE 6 Decisions in Paradise, Part 1Monique ConeMGT350May 31, 2010Edward DempseyDecisions in Paradise, Part 1Nik first business trip to the island of Kava had not turned out as imagined, like visiting paradise on earth, Kava presented quite a different reality for eager young Nik. While AT&T had established a modern workplace in the U.S. with a staff of several hundred employees, the Kava

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Decisions In Paradise Iii Essay

2579 words - 10 pages them, keeping it from being an island of paradise in the South Pacific. These issues are a direct result of the disastrous threats, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods. Another determining factor that will affect our decision is the fact that over 50% of Kava's population is under the age of 15 years old. This has a significant impact on Kava's workforce and its economy. Their minors are too young and do not possess the necessary

Decisions In Paradise Part Iii Essay

961 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise papers I and II have described the following: the problems facing the island of Kava, the criteria defined, goals, objectives, the problems effecting the island of Kava evaluated, causes of the problems identified, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and decision have been made in terms of the best way to implement the necessary changes. In part III of Decisions in Paradise the impact of the decisions made

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1127 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part III   Decisions in Paradise, Part III Although A. O. Smith Water Products Corporation (WPC) is a global leader in the water heater manufacturing industry, the decision of expansion into the South Pacific island of Kava presents different challenges and opportunities. In order to build the water heater plant on the island of Kava, A. O. Smith WPC will have to be committed helping both the impoverished

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1267 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III One my say the core of any organization is the staff of team members. However, team leaders cannot make a profit without the vital part of the business the team members. Team members can bring success or bring failure to the organization. While decision- making without planning is fairly common but it is often not a pretty site for an organization. Nik and Alex must make plans and keep