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Decisions In Paradise Paper, Part Iii

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Allegra Direct Communication is a company based in Kava. The company is trying to establish greater presence in Kava. Allegra has chosen one, to assist in this mission. The government has asked many of organizations to bring their business culture to Kava. In every scenario/situation decisions have to be made and issues have to be defined because they may turn into possible obstacles. Before decisions can be made the problem has to be formulated using tools and techniques. Once the problem is discovered a decision-making technique needs to be applied to identify the solution(s). During the decision-making process critical thinking should be used so the problem cannot be mistaking for a symptom. So, they have examined various elements of critical thinking and the University of Phoenix Decision-Making Model because it has a great influence on the solution(s).Finally, the decision has to be implemented once the decision has been made the impact of the decision needs to be measured. The final steps in the decision-making process is made by, determining factors that affect decision implementation (stated objectives, resource availability, resistance to change, acceptance from internal and external stakeholders, legal environment and time), evaluating resources and actions required in this part of the decision-making process (clearly stated steps to resolve problem, creation of a timeline, resource allocation plan, measurement tools and contingency planning), and evaluating ethical implications from stakeholder's perspectives; in conjunction with the proposed solution. Implementation of the decision is the key to a successful outcome.Factors Affecting Decision ImplementationProblem: Creating a greater presence in Kava.Proposed Solution: Employing the citizens of KavaWith approaching the final state of the decision-making process there are factors that affect decision implementation that needs to be known. Once the factors are known, one can pounder on ways to address them, so effectiveness and efficiency of the decision/proposed solution can be ensured. Stated objectives can be a major problem because the decision may veer away from the proposed objectives. This problem can be solved if the decision being implemented co asides with the stated objectives. Another major factor that affects decision implementation is resource availability. This factor can be addressed by management listing alternative resources that are available, to be used as secondary resources, just in case that first ones are not available. Also, resistance to change can affect the decision implementation process especially concerning the implementers. This factor can be addressed by management selecting the right individuals to implement the necessary steps needed. With a company acquiring longevity the employees have to be able adopt to change. With change, comes growth.Furthermore, acceptance from internal and external stakeholders can be a factor that can affect the decision...

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2579 words - 10 pages decided on the best course of action. By using the principles of decision making for finding a solution to the problem, making the decision by using an evaluation of alternative choices, and thinking through the decision and its consequences, I have set forth my recommendation (Langdon, 2001). As part of the strategic planning in bringing Stewart Title to Kava, I have found four main issues and solutions to bringing our business to the country of

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1076 words - 4 pages sunny beaches by scantily clad wait-persons. Instead, the entire island is surrounded by evidence of the recent disasters. In this paper, Nicole will propose a strategic plan that will address Kava's current situation and make recommendations for ways in which Nicole's company will assist the government of Kava in establishing some level of post-disaster normalcy.ABC Worldwide is centered on one basic value: ABC Worldwide does what is right

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1027 words - 4 pages In the first paper Decision in Paradise: Part I, it was revealed that the island of Kava is facing many challenges and the residents of this island have requested assistance form the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A brief recap of the challenges now facing the island of Kava; 1) over 50% of the population are under the age of 15 years; 2) ethnic mix of religion, languages and culture indigenous to the South Pacific area of

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1075 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise PAGE 1 Decisions in Paradise PAGE 6 Decisions in Paradise, Part 1Monique ConeMGT350May 31, 2010Edward DempseyDecisions in Paradise, Part 1Nik first business trip to the island of Kava had not turned out as imagined, like visiting paradise on earth, Kava presented quite a different reality for eager young Nik. While AT&T had established a modern workplace in the U.S. with a staff of several hundred employees, the Kava

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1094 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part IISTUDENT NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE AND NAME OF COURSEINSTRUCTOR/PROFESSORDATEDecisions in Paradise Part IINik arrived in Kava with a good understanding of the theories of critical thinking and decision-making techniques, his first assignment revealed his lack of experience with real world organizational application of critical thinking and decision-making techniques in identifying problems facing management and

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1327 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part INAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE/TITLEINSTRUCTOR NAMEDATEDecisions in Paradise Part INik, a recent graduate, has and accepted what appears to be a chance of a lifetime opportunity to work with a Direct2cell a biotech startup as the assistant to the director of strategic planning. Direct2cell is in the research and development stage of targeted nanoparticles headquartered in the United States. The organization is

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1326 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part 1A small island country in the South Pacific, Kava, is plagued with devastating settings that have brought about one disaster after another. Numerous disasters and threats such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are natural occurrences on this island. Other threats also include HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, and high risk factor for avian flu due to poor economic conditions

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925 words - 4 pages final phase of this project, I will explain in detail the steps we are going to take to implement our plan to expand our organization to Kava.ReferencesBusiness Scenario (2009). Decisions in Paradise: How to Be, or Not to Be. (pp. 1-4) Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

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