Decisions In Paradise Paper, Part I

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The island of Kava is located in the in the South Pacific. Kava has a rather unique situation with the workforce, 50 % of the population in the island is under the age of 15. The culture of the island is made-up of a mix of Pacific Islanders, Chinese, African, French, Spanish and Americans. The religious makeup of the island has three predominant sects Buddhist, Christians and Islamic creeds. Just like the cultural and religious makeup, Kava has a varied number of languages used in the island languages such as English, Spanish and French. The economic development of the island is largely dependent on agriculture, extraction of petroleum, fishing, tourism and natural gas production. Weather abnormalities naturally affect the island, volcanic and earthquake disasters, human health concerns and terrorism. This document will discuss the concerns associated with the development of the Company's bottling plant and the problems faced in Kava, and provide solutions through critical thinking application.Kava is an island of the South Pacific and as such is prone to suffer from weather related anomalies. Floods, hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes and typhoons are the weather related concerns that Nik has to address for the startup of the Company's Kava bottling plant. Any of the natural disasters named can cause severe devastation to the business and the island. Damage from wind, flooding and water surge can severely handicap the company's production. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have the ability to create a large amount of damage to the infrastructure of the island and the structural integrity of the business. Terrorism is one more concern of the company; The company's assets can be seen as American assets that need to be destroyed (Branscomb, 2002, ¶ 5). The last and most important factor is the human capital available in Kava. With half of the population being under the age of 15 years of age difficulties in finding skilled workers who can produce results will be difficult. The effect of avian flu and HIV/AIDS is of concern to the company since a steady and healthy workforce is important for the continuance of business.Primarily, addressing concerns associated with the health systems that the employees need to protect their health. Second will be the security concerns associated with the environment and the ecology of the island. Third, are the concerns associated with the natural disasters that can strike Kava. Lastly, is the continuance of business during and after a major disaster.The alternatives that Nik has available for addressing issues are wide and varied, thus a only the most viable options are reported. The following recommendations are to be incorporated into the engineering design of a new facility to be constructed in Kava. The company needs to address the health of the employees and perform on a proactive...

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Decisions in Paradise I Essay

1647 words - 7 pages avian flu. The idea behind Stewart Title coming to Kava is to establish a strong business community to benefit both Stewart Title and the country of Kava. In achieving this goal, I quickly realized I needed a game plan.RecommendationBy using the University of Phoenix model of decision making steps, I was able to determine quickly what problems face Stewart Title and can make decisions based on identifying the problems with bring business to

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925 words - 4 pages final phase of this project, I will explain in detail the steps we are going to take to implement our plan to expand our organization to Kava.ReferencesBusiness Scenario (2009). Decisions in Paradise: How to Be, or Not to Be. (pp. 1-4) Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

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1094 words - 4 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part IISTUDENT NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE AND NAME OF COURSEINSTRUCTOR/PROFESSORDATEDecisions in Paradise Part IINik arrived in Kava with a good understanding of the theories of critical thinking and decision-making techniques, his first assignment revealed his lack of experience with real world organizational application of critical thinking and decision-making techniques in identifying problems facing management and

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1326 words - 5 pages Decisions in Paradise, Part 1A small island country in the South Pacific, Kava, is plagued with devastating settings that have brought about one disaster after another. Numerous disasters and threats such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are natural occurrences on this island. Other threats also include HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, and high risk factor for avian flu due to poor economic conditions

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