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Decisions Of A College Student: The Major You Love Versus The Major That Pays

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I like to write. As a matter of fact, I love to write. I have kept a diary since I was twelve, written and submitted articles to local magazines (none of which have ever been published), even written a book that I plan to publish electronically one of these days. You would think that with writing being such an important part of my life, I would be pursuing a degree in English and a professional writing career. Yet, with the advice of my family and peers and in the interest of financial security, I have chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. As I’m writing this essay, I am beginning to understand how paradoxical and counterintuitive this decision is but (here comes the rationalization) the opportunity cost of pursuing an in-demand, high paying career is well worth sacrificing a career in writing, which is not as ambitious in the eyes of society. As we all know, perception is reality, however baseless it is. An English degree is just not perceived as being as marketable or desirable as a degree in finance. I, too, ascribe to this particular opinion and I’m no better for it.
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers website, students who graduated in 2013 enjoyed an average starting salary of $45,327, which represents a 2.4% increase from the average salaries reported in 2012. Graduates with a degree in business earned an average starting salary of $55,635 in 2013, a 7.9% increase from 2012 and is the largest increase of average salary in a particular discipline. Those people graduating with a degree in Education or the Humanities earned on average $40,337 and $37,791, respectively. This information is highly influential when determining what type of degree you want to invest in. No one wants to have sixty thousand dollars in debt for a degree that earns an average starting salary of $37, 791, which would equal about $500.00 a week after taxes. Even if you really love that career, see potential for growth and the job presents opportunities for success, you would probably still choose to acquire the same amount of debt for a more lucrative career with an average starting salary of $55,635, which would equal about $800.00 a week after taxes. It seems like simple mathematics, but with all the attention directed towards income and financial...

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