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Statement Of Essay

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I am Fasiha Abdul Rehman, holding a professional degree of Doctor of Pharmacy at 23 years of age; with a deeper interest in contributing to the understanding of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and unveiling new information for medical advancement and betterment of mankind and I envisage Masters as crucial step in this direction.
I successfully completed Pharm D degree from one of the topmost universities of Pakistan, University of Karachi, with a CGPR of 3.766, securing 1st position among the graduating class of 2012.
During the tenure of five years of undergraduate program I studied variety of different courses including Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pathology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy, etc. but always found myself more inclined towards pharmacology, physiology and pharmacotherapy of all the different courses I studied and with passing time my interest just grew stronger. In the commencement of undergraduate program, studying different drugs and their mechanisms, diseases and modes of their therapy was merely an interest but by the time my undergraduate degree program ended it became more of a passion. It was for this passion that I decided to pursue a post graduation degree in the respective field. Before I could go any further in academics I wanted to have some practical exposure and consequently, I decided to join a hospital rather than a pharmaceutical industry. Hence, after fighting off a tough competition from all over the country I was recruited among the twenty pharmacy graduates in a year lengthy “On-the-Job Hospital Pharmacist Trainee Program” in July 2013 and currently, I am working as a trainee pharmacist in the most preeminent hospital of the country, Aga Khan Hospital. Working at the hospital has brought me in direct contact with the patients suffering from different diseases, fighting off various illnesses that range from minor sore throats to major conditions like cancer. Serving patients, providing them with quality care is the upmost responsibility that I carry out being a health professional. In this practical world I have served patients in emergency crisis, intensive care units, patients with chronic conditions, those with short term therapies as well as others on long term treatment; serving so diversified group of patients has emphatically confirmed Cardiovascular and Diabetes to be the areas of interest in which I would like to pursue my post graduation. This extensive, one year training program has not only developed me professionally but has also been a platform that has broaden my ken, I have developed a predilection for pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, and an aspiration to learn more.
I always found it fascinating and at the same time mesmerizing, the way our human body functions, ways in which it respond to different chemicals whether being endogenous or exogenous and also the mechanism by which a chemical can trigger different processes at molecular level as...

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