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(A) Customer/Client Name: University of Rhode Island (**Steve: Was Gilbane the actual client, or did URI simply use the Gilbane contract as the vehicle of convenience to reach EYP? If Gilbane actually acted in the “client” role, then we’ll need to insert Gilbane here; and in (C) and (D), below.**)
(B) Project Name/Contract Number: Building Commissioning Services for the Center for Biotechnology & Life Sciences/#3006026
(C) Customer Point of Contact for Project: Paul DePace/Director of Capital Projects
(D) POC's phone number and email: 401-874-2725;
(E) Project performance period (include months/years): Dec. 2006 to July 2009
(F) Dollar value of the entire project: $322,000
(G) Dollar value received for the work preformed relevant to the SIN offered: $322,000
(H) Brief summary of the project as a whole (background, purpose, etc.)
EYP provided building commissioning for a new $60 million Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences. The four- story, 140,000-sf building is in the form of an “L” with the majority of the labs and classrooms being in the longer section. Research suites are on various floors throughout the other side of the building. In addition to research and teaching facilities, the building includes a 300-seat auditorium, a double heli staircase, a plaza atrium, an aquarium tank room and graduate work areas. The building is part of a new science Quad that has changed the landscape of the northern section of the university.
To help ensure that the new building’s systems operated effectively and efficiently, the university arranged for EYP to perform building commissioning services.
Working closely with the university and the construction contractor (Gilbane), EYP identified the proper operational profile, and optimized the building’s functional systems to provide maximum energy efficiency and asset value while achieving the pre-determined standards of building operation and occupant comfort. EYP employed a “fundamental” commissioning process as defined by LEED, and also employed techniques that are supported by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), USDOE (United States Department of Energy) and USGBC (United States Green Building Council).
The overall commissioning process proved to be a success as a direct result of the integrated efforts of the university, Gilbane, and the various trade contractors in conjunction with EYP. Numerous component and system level issues were identified and reconciled throughout the construction phase of the project. At the conclusion of the project, EYP presented a final report including our findings and recommendations. Specific issues were explained in detail in the “construction issues log,” in an appendix to the report. Within the issues log, EYP provided indicators for each item to provide a clear understanding as to the outstanding issues that were not reconciled as a result of EYP’s...

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