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Decline In Religious Involvement In American's Lives

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Changes in religion, education, diversity, and technology are showing positive and controversial effect on American society. Religious involvement in American's lives is facing a decline. Educators are changing how they are going to shape young minds. America might become more diverse by the next century. Technology is showing good and bad results on how they affect human health. Throughout the time period of the 20th and 21st century American culture has shifted dramatically.
"Between 1700 and 1740, an estimate 75 to 80 percent of the population [In America] attended churches, which were being a headlong pace." From then the 19th and 20th centuries is where most of the religions in America have lost most of their influence and power. Since the 20th century religion started to face an upsetting decline influence. Between 1880 and 1910 women body shape was to resemble and S. They would go through rigorous routine beginning with tightening their upper body with corsets to create an hour-glass shape. They wore skirts that touched to floor and "The sight of even ankle was considered to be quite racy." A source from the bible says that women dress "Modestly" and that "Inner Beauty" is more important than outer.
In the 1920s a group of women started a new type of fashion dressing and acting against what society thought was acceptable. This group of activists formally named flappers invented of casual sex; they also were not afraid to not act womanly. They smoked, drank, and drove automobiles which were not usual things that you would see women doing back in their time. In the 1920s the flappers were about embracing youth, which is a sort of motto for today's children. The flappers were a big influence on today's living in not only women but men too.
From the flappers came a new image of what being a woman really means today's society. New stronger women sprouted and women started to fight for what they saw was wrong in today's society. In 1920 women fought (figuratively) and won the right to vote; the day the 19th amendment became law. It soon became custom that women really didn't need men in their lives essentially. In fact the current marriage rate has declined to fifty-one percent. They could vote and started working and providing for themselves. In the 1930s men began to leave their families due to the stock market crash. Women not only provided for themselves but also children without men. These women are still a very influential to today's people and all their changes are still in effect today.
In today’s society the population of people has changed from 281.4 to 315 million people. From this increase in population the number of jobs available has decrease. The number of jobs is starting to decrease due to the recession. Statistics say that 2.3 percent of education and health department people have lost their jobs. 2.3 percent of people have lost their jobs in the government. Larger percentage of jobs lost is ranging from 11.3...

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