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Decline In The Educational Standard Essay

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Many of the controversial issues today, have managed to affect America. One of the most controversial education issues today, is how student education standards are declining. America's education system.Which was once the world's best, now places 16th and still declines. The declining education is not something that is affecting schools but also affects the nation as a whole.
Twenty-six percent of 12th graders, have fallen below basic reading level ; meaning, the affect children is being able to continue to the next grade whether they fully understand their current classes. In Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don't Think , Jane M. Healy says : students have been made drastically more simple." the performance by students, between the 1960s and the 1990s has become even greater than most people think. Affecting the educational standard in schools is caused by students with their lack of attention in the classroom. There is more time spent on computer games, televisions and video games, while less time is spent on their studies. Making It harder for them to understand the lesson taught in the classroom. In North Carolina, 44.7 percent of students passed the tests in 2012-13 and in In Cumberland County, 40.2 percent students passed end-of-grade or Finial tests, showing that most students do not completely understand the classes at the end. In my opinion student attention in class is one of the main reasons for educational standards decline
However, teachers are also partly to blame for the decline in education, because they are easy to accept a generalization of education too easily. Many teachers-stick to books to teach without giving much thought as to what they are teaching . Many of the teachers don't understand that more students are visual learners. While some student can understand the information this way, it only pertains to them. For example in 1998 Ron Clark , went to Harlem and manage to raise his students test scores by using unorthodox methods. Without just reading out of a book every day he uses ways to get the student attention and helps them learn. Teachers always say how you are going to use what they are teaching you after class, but in a lot of ways they fail to show. In 2013, Student rants at 'bad' teacher", becomes internet hit, a student “Jeff Bliss” had a YouTube video upgraded in which he tells his teacher Mrs. Phung was not inspiring kids to learn....

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