Decline In Water Supply In India

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The available water in India has declined drastically over the past several decades due to the rise in demand for water sources across almost every industry. This shortage has greatly affected all activity in India, including the agricultural industry and the available drinking water for domestic life. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, or the FOA, believes that India will literally run out of water if certain steps are not taken to replenish India’s aquifers. To fully grasp the matter, an explanation of the problem is below.
The main cause for concern is that India’s flourishing agricultural industry uses the 91% of water throughout the country leaving aquifers at lower levels every year. Organizations like the FOA are dedicated to the restoration of these aquifers for the safety of the agricultural industry in India and of the people that need access to water.
Grasping the causal analysis of the overuse of India’s aquifers and lack of efficient irrigation will aid in the prevention of the almost certain depletion of water for future generations to come. To understand why farmers overuse the already crippled groundwater resources in India, studies are conducted on a global scale to learn the factors in the agricultural industry in India.
• Rise in Population - It is generally known to sustain life, as we know it, we must have access to water; which is why throughout history humans and animals have made homes near the water. The supply of water in India is depleting. This means that the groundwater that is located underneath the massive country is being withdrawn faster than it is being replenished. India has one of the largest populations in the world and is a leader in agriculture. This is a good thing, but good things come at a price. In this case, that price is the depletion of available water. Over the past 4000 years India has been the leader in ingenuity of water management, but over the past several decades their population has grown astronomically; and with that, its agricultural industry to keep up with the rise in population. We know that today there are more people in India than there were ten years ago and in another thirty five years their population will only increase to nearly double what it is now.
Rise in Agriculture– Most of the land in India is occupied by farmland, making up for about 52% of the territory. There seems to be more and more need for water with the agricultural industry only expanding. In 2010 the total water extracted was 761 km3 and the agricultural industry used 688 km3 of that which amounts to 91% of the country’s water withdrawn. With this amount of water needed for proper growth and to accommodate the increasing acceleration of the agriculture’s need for water it is certain that change is needed.
Little Government Provisions – India has some support from the government when it comes to irrigation infrastructure, but for the most part it is up to each state to come...

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