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In American society today there we often hear of the decline around us in the education system and how it affects the country’s image as a whole. The issues that I believe to be causing this decline and the solutions to resolve them from my findings are as stated. The methodology used to teach students writing. Discuss the involvement of technology in the decline and future of learning. Also expand on the ideas that writing, as a subject of voice, affects the image of persons in their professional occupations. Then, bring an idea of how the escalation of these problems, affect the country and how to possibly repair this.
The rates at which new information and discoveries are being made are not being used to the upmost at for children to learn. What I mean? That though research, we know that children are able to learn increasing more than we previously assumed. Research conducted by the NCES, has shown that “over 23 percent of the populace are unable to use basic writing skill and have documenting that a nine percent decrease of those having just a high school diploma(23) . Children can learn writing and language writing structure at an age as early as three years old. At this earlier age children are at the prime to absorb information and yet were not using this information to better the next generation’s advancements. As the center of developing child states”Once a circuit is “wired,” it stabilizes with age, making it increasingly difficult to alter. Scientists use the term “plasticity” to refer to the capacity of the brain to change.” (14). If we were to start teaching the children how to use language at an age we their mind and learning capabilities are at their highest not only would it allow them to retain information increasing the percentage where that knowledge becomes a semantic memory. Giving a rise to a generation possessing the tools to struggle in a world that is becoming a stage for the academically gifted as a replacement for the skill orientated. All this would produce an incline in overall literacy within the country, respectable up to par internationally as well.
Technology also has a part in learning that I believe if harbored can be used in teaching children how to write and speak. But at the moment technology is doing more harm than good. Research shows that when a person engages in actual handwriting connections in the brain that control muscle and language work together better to contribute language to memory. Kellogg states “reviewing process in writing competes for a common, general-purpose resource in the working memory” (175-191.) Were losing connection to a way that Students can better commit reproduction the grammar rules of almost. But, while losing that ability of muscle memory connective to advance technologically within learning we gain more. If looking at using technology to teach children how to write and better project their ideas within the borders of correct language. Speaking tools or programs can...

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