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Declining English Standards In Hk Class Essay

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In this essay, we will be looking into the declining English standard of Hong Kong students. English is the dominant business language in the world. It is necessity for people speaking English to enter a global workforce. As Hong Kong is a global market, it is very important for us Hong Kongers to have a high English standard.
However, in a recent survey, Hong Kong has dropped to 33rd out of 70 countries and regions in English language proficiency. Hong Kong ranks far below former British colonies such as Singapore, Malaysia and India. Although some people may claim that the survey conducted by EF English First may not be accurate, it is an important issue to be considered.
There appears to be three main reasons contributing to Hong Kong’s decline. Firstly, there is a language barrier between politic leaders in Hong Kong. Although English is an official language, most government departments and officials use Cantonese in public announcements without English translations. Most importantly, Legislative Council meetings are held in Cantonese most of the time. Some even complained that some legislators couldn’t communicate fluently in using English. Thus, youngsters often discuss political issues in Cantonese, forgetting the importance of English language.
On the other hand, the local education policy relies too much on Chinese language. There are more Chinese as Medium Instruction than English as Medium Instruction schools in Hong Kong....

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