Decolonization: An Evolution In Imperialist Relationships.

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Decolonization is a process where in the ideal understanding of the term would be ending the exploitive relationship between the colonized and the colonizers with the intention of being s self-sufficient of the newly independent state. The romanticizing that the process of decolonization can be looked at as a significant accomplishment for the colonized is misleading, or at least it is heavily contested by scholars like Fanon who argues that the process of decolonization is one that is an inherently violent one. This Violence may be long or short term, and my manifest itself in the social, economic, ideological and political development of the state- or rather its underdevelopment, violence ...view middle of the document...

The relationship between ‘independent’ states and the imperialist is now understood as neo-colonialism, where the financial, political, military and technological advantage is still in the hands of the colonizers, and this is evident when we look at the structure of global international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council, the World Bank, the International Monetary fund and The G8.
At first glance the thought of decolonization being an inherently violent process could be thought of as a fallacy. That is to say that there are many examples of now decolonized independent states that gained their independence through diplomatic negotiations, countries like Trinidad, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Smaller Islands like Barbados etc, and that this is a stark contrast to the violence of uprisings and revolutions that were a part of the decolonization process in other nations such as America, India, Haiti etc. it would seem as the violence of the American Revolution, the Haitian Revolution and India’s struggle for independence is being used as the rule and not as an exception, and may be looked as a sweeping generalization.
The assumption that Fanon’s argument is a fallacy of sweeping generalization is one that is made in ere, because the layman understanding of the term violence is simply too narrow to offer us a critical conceptual understanding of Fanon’s use of the concept.
Once it is understood that the word violence should not be examined as a term but rather as a concept, allowing for the expansion of its meanings as it evolves and gathers new meaning as society develops. Fanon’s use of the concept of violence is done in such a way that it has become too expansive for an empirical definition to be implied but rather an analysis is of the concept is required in order to understand the ways it may manifest its self. In addition to understand the contextual meaning of violence we must also understand that decolonization is a process that essentially allows for the transition from colonialism to neo- colonialism, especially if its looked at from the African Perspective. Once we look at violence, keeping in mind its conceptual implications and understandings we are able to identify and critique the expansive nature that is the violence of decolonization. We understand that violence may not only be a single short term ‘event’ but it may also manifest itself in ways of complex organizations that are inherently designed to ensure the power relations between the colonized and the colonizers remains in the favor of the colonizers and that the status quo does not shift. These organizations were designed to reinforce the new structure of this relationship between the now imperialist and the ‘third world states’ which as I indicated earlier, changes the name of the relationship from colonialism to neo-colonialism.
The validity of Fanon’s theory that decolonization is a violent process is dependent on...

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