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During the Cold War and twentieth century there were several processes that influenced colonization and decolonization. To be examined is what the characters reveal about the colonization processes, the involvement of industrialization, the change in identities of the characters, and lastly the social and political changes during the cold war will be discussed.
The process of decolonization, which is undoing the colonialism, occurred in nations that wanted to become independent. However, in the novel Good Morning Comrades decolonization differed from the Portugal rule. When undoing the colonial rule from the Portuguese, In Angola, They removed most aspects of religion as well. ...view middle of the document...

In the novel, he goes back to her several times asking for her to explain the situation. He does not understand that the European government is different from how the African dictatorship is. When at the beach the aunt is also startled by the fact that the Soviets have a specific part of the beach designated for them. She states, “To the Soviets? This beach belongs to the Angolans!” (Ondjaki, 43). There are Soviet soldiers guarding the beach that prevent others who are not soviets from the beach. Ndalu responds to his aunt, “I don’t know, I really don’t know… It could be that we have beach there in the Soviet Union that’s only for Angolans!” (Ondjaki, 43). This shows how naïve Ndalu is towards the situation. He does not understand just as much as his aunt to why they have their own spot. Yet, he justifies it unknowingly. The FAPLA’s dictatorship over Angola is shown throughout the novel. FAPLA is the People’s Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola. It falls under the military wing of the MPLA. The rules created by FAPLA can be viewed as wanting full control over their nation. For example, in the airport, the couple taking pictures had their camera confiscated since they were not allowed to take pictures there. The FAPLA was afraid that the pictures would end up somewhere else. Furthermore, Ndalu’s aunt did not understand this rule as well. The process of decolonization in Angola turned towards the military aid after the Portuguese left. Military aid provides protection as well as money for the government. This can help the nation grow. This was needed in Angola since the Portuguese fled they left the government of Angola in shambles. The nation needed protection and therefore they turned to MPLA. These military aids also promise the country of industrialization. However at that expense they gain full control and fall towards the frenzy of power.
Throughout the 1900’s industrialization grew as an aspect of colonialism In Angola itself, the country flourished due to the Portugal rule. This happened in other nations as well. In the Krupp Steel Works 1912 (Wiesner et all, 255) depicts industrialization. Showing the growth from the 18th century to the 19th century. The growth increased factories as well as the population. People moved from the rural areas to receive jobs in the urban areas. In Africa specifically, there were growing urban populations. However after the brief downfall in Angola after the Portuguese left, with the help of Fidel Castro, the Cubans moved into Angola. “Cuban doctors and teachers flooded into the country, while the Cuban military became an essential part of the Angolan government’s defense against UNITA and continued incursions by the South African military” (Ondjaki, 116). The Occupancy of the Cubans in Angola helped Angola expand once again. In Good Morning Comrades, it states how many of the Cuban residents Ndalu encountered were his teachers. Conversely, the Cuban’s ending their residency in Angola concludes the...

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