Deconstructing An Australian Icon Ned Kelly

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If you went into any Australian classroom and asked if anyone knew who Ned Kelly was, chances are you'd get an answer of something like: "mm yeah, that bushranger who had the steel bucket on his head who got shot". Not many people know the real story, but it is an intriguing one. Ned Kelly has, over the years, been described as a hero, "one of the most romantic figures in history", "the father of our national courage", an Australian icon. To a person with no knowledgeable background of Ned Kelly, he would be seen as exactly that. The real truth is though, Ned Kelly was a thief. He held ordinary people hostage, and shot and killed policemen. The reasons to why he has been glorified in such a way to be called a hero have been one of the great controversies of all time.Ned Kelly was born into a life that was surrounded by crime. Before he was born, his parents were sent from Ireland on a convict ship to Australia for committing petty crime. He entered life in 1854 in Victoria, and attended school at Avenel until age 12 when his father died. Ned's family was poor, and were forced to own land as 'selectors', where they were issued a piece of land to be paid off while they were living there. The land was small and the soil wasn't good enough to grow to make a living. Many of the 'selectors' resorted to stealing horses and cattle from the rich squatters, and Ned Kelly was no exception. At age sixteen he was convicted of receiving a stolen horse and served time in jail for three years.In 1878, Ned's mother, Ellen was convicted of wounding a policeman by shooting him in the wrist. Ned and his brother, Dan, were mistakenly accused of attacking the same policeman, so they fled to the bush where they formed the "Kelly Gang", joined by Steve Hart and Joe Byrne.Later on that year Ned and his gang happened to come across a group of policemen camping in the bush. Believing that the policemen intended to kill him, the gang called upon them to surrender. The police of course resisted and during the fight Ned shot three of them dead. By this time the reward for capturing Ned was an amazing 8000 pounds - the equivalent to 2 million dollars today.Many people admired the Kelly gang for their bravery, and helped them avoid police for over 2 years. It was during these two years that the Kelly gang robbed two banks - one in Euroa - and held the town of Jerilderie hostage.Although there was no way around that what they were doing was wrong, living in the 1800's in Australia life was hard - if you were poor you had to steal to survive, it was what being a bushranger was all about. If you managed to do this without getting caught, or killing anyone, and as long as the people you were stealing from were rich, people thought you were, rather than just being a common criminal, brave and bold, which was a popular image of bushrangers at the time.Something else attributed to this image of the Kelly gang. Most robberies were committed with an element of farce, distracting...

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1146 words - 5 pages The latter of Australians know of Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly the outlaw who wore an extraordinary suit of armour, led a fierce gang of bushrangers, and challenged the law and its enforcers. This documentary will look at the man behind the mask. To some, he is nothing more than a notorious criminal who unforgivably chose to take up arms against society. To others, Ned is a national hero, icon of the Australian imagination, and embodiment of the

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654 words - 3 pages Ned Kelly - Hero or Villain?Ned Kelly is a renowned hero of the Australian bush, he is known for his hatred against authority, and his love for his family. But was Ned really all as good as historians have made him out to be? Or has his true self been twisted ad morphed for a more interesting story and publicity?Was Ned really a hero?Ned had been in trouble with the law ever since he was twelve, the same time his father died; I think this was

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654 words - 3 pages Ned Kelly - Hero or Villain?Ned Kelly is a renowned hero of the Australian bush, he is known for his hatred against authority, and his love for his family. But was Ned really all as good as historians have made him out to be? Or has his true self been twisted ad morphed for a more interesting story and publicity?Was Ned really a hero?Ned had been in trouble with the law ever since he was twelve, the same time his father died; I think this was

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1009 words - 4 pages - executed at the age of twenty five. However, there are sharply differing views: the Ned Kelly story rests on different interpretations of facts. Some feel it is an Australian story with Kelly as the archetypal Australian challenging authority. There are also broader questions raised by his life. Was he a freedom fighter? Was he attempting to spark an uprising? When do people have the right to resist the law? According to some, he was a murderer and a

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1741 words - 7 pages personally and hence in a position to give an unbiased account.Outlawed: The real Ned Kelly, whilst acknowledging that there is a controversy over the image portrayed of Ned Kelly, still, like Ned Kelly portray the Kelly gang as rebel heroes. This is because of the context of composition. Australia, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is searching for it's own heroes. Ned is one that we are seeking to idolize, glossing over the fact that he

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1107 words - 4 pages some way him not that bad of a villain. The best thing he had did while being a villain was thinking about his heritage. He tried to put Ireland on the map and help make his people rule. But the problem with that was that he did it in the wrong way. Ned Kelly as an individual had an amazing impact on Australia's society and its identity. It seems Ned lost the battle but won the war. His actions led to police corruption coming under scrutiny which

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595 words - 2 pages When Sidney Nolan painted the Ned Kelly series, he was interested in an 'authentic national vision'. The first series was made up of 27 paintings from 1946-1947. The paintings all-together form a storyboard, telling the legend of Ned Kelly. One of them in particular is 'Death of Constable Scanlon'.The series, including this one, were all painted with Ripolin enamel on hardboard. You can see the many brushstrokes but some objects are painted

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1035 words - 4 pages Williams, the national identity can vary greatly from visualising an Australian icon such as Ned Kelly, the beach culture or the distinct Australian bush. This identity within ourselves as Australian's can be left to one's own imagination and interpretation of how the environment and inhabitants can shape an Australian identity.

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1187 words - 5 pages wife, his best friend and his deputy all abandon him at the first sign of trouble. They leave Kane no time to find an alternative. He must battle the entire Miller gang alone. Because Kane's feeling of hopelessness, the audience sympathises with him.Ned Kelly spans nine years that the Australian Ned Kelly was a bushranger. The film, unlike High Noon, is not filmed in real time, but follows a more traditional approach to time structure. Ned Kelly

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972 words - 4 pages who deserved to be hung and shouldn't be called an Australian icon. In my opinion I think Ned Kelly is a true Legend who will never be forgotten and definitely someone who has contributed to Australian society. Ned Kelly and his gang were brave and loyal to each other; Ned Kelly was definitely a main part in Australian history. The reason to why he has been showered with so much glory has been one of the great controversies of all time.

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900 words - 4 pages He was an outlaw who wore a suit of armour, rode a horse, and challenged the law and its enforcers. Today, Ned Kelly is Australia's greatest mythological character. Icon of the Australian imagination. But who was the man behind the mask? Was he a merciless killer who unforgivably chose to take up arms against society, or a national hero who was the embodiment of the Australian spirit. To answer this question, one must first take a journey into