Deconstruction Of Adriene Rich's "Power" Essay

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Deconstruction of Adrienne Rich's "Power" This poem "Power" is describing all the power that runs good and bad throughout our society. The bottle of medicine dug up in the first stanza symbolizes something very powerful. This power was useful one hundred years ago when there were not many cures for diseases. This power helped our society it saved peoples lives. Therefore this "perfect" bottle of medicine is a good power.The second stanza is telling a story about something totally opposite of Marie Curie a lady who died trying to purify something. The speaker must have read all this out of a tabloid. There are many powerful words in the second stanza. The "backhoe divulged" meaning it dug up the earth. A backhoe is a very powerful tool of machinery. The backhoe dug a "crumbling flank of earth." This "flank" is just a small piece of our large earth. A very powerful machine used to dig out such a small thing. This sentence is ironic. The bottle of medicine was a very powerful device a long time ago. Fever was a life threatening disease. The doctor who had the cure was a very powerful man. Winter is another powerful word in this stanza. Winter was the harshest time of the year back then. Everyone got fever from the coldness. The person who had the cure for fever had the tonic for life. In the past there were not specific medicines for specific diseases. There were cure-all's, an elixir that could help people heal anything from a broken bone to leprosy. This cure-all was a powerful element to our society back then.Next is the explanation of how a lady was terminated by a powerful substance. Marie Curie worked to purify radiation. She wanted to make it clean and safe. To...

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