Decrease In Swimming Participation At An Austrailian Highschool

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With Australia’s marvelous beaches, well known culture with swimming and gold medals won through the Olympics; it is expected to have a high participation rate within swimming events. However within the last three year participation rate within the swimming carnival decreased by ten percent within Wavell SHS, it seems to question where swimming actually lies in the future. But let’s focus more on the root cause of this, Figueroa’s framework focuses on five levels of equity and personal participation towards a sport, in particular swimming. To view such an issue on a well-known topic we look at the constant misconceptions with teenagers and their body image and low self-esteem within modern ...view middle of the document...

This brings us to the Institutional level, where it involves the community, school, facilities, family and peers. This level is self explanatory towards participation within Wavell SHS as what the present Wavell culture has to offer affects what lies for the future in swimming and all teacher, peers and family play a huge part in an individual’s life.
Looking back in grade nine, ten and eleven body image was a big factor in my participation in swimming carnivals and the like. With me being an unfit and fat (in my opinion) individual, I didn’t really, partake in past school events due to my fear of what the hundreds of ,not only teachers and younger students, but more importantly what my friends thought of me. From an individual who had the same issues with self image and self-confidence, I can honestly say that it really did affect my partaking in school events, and with Wavell State High being a multicultural school each year I see more and more Samoans and other cultures with the same issue with their self image.
And growing up in a Samoa culture, it runs deep in relation to participation rate.
With Wavell is being a multicultural school, I speak from a Samoan cultural perspective, which we are brought up with no use for swimming in our lives. Living in Samoa in my primary school years and first year of high school, I was never introduced to swimming or had any lessons on how to swim from school or my family, in fact, it was considered as a self taught lesson to swim and if we had any relation to our beaches, it would be to go fishing or to swim for fun. Other reasons can relate to our history with other sports, and how most of our body types are specified for NRL, NFL and Union. In relation to the participation rate of Wavell, it’s not only Samoan culture that is affected by this but also other cultures. The influence of these sports plays a big part in the lives of most the cultures in Wavell, which can result to the decrease of participation rate towards swimming as it, like me, is not important to and for me. However looking at the Australian culture, a discussion was made in class that most of the white Australians had/have swimming instilled within them growing up with early swimming lessons and swimming clubs. But due to other values they slip away from it, some reasons can be due to just getting into high school in grade eight and the pressure of being in high school.
But it goes deeper than that, and a good example can be between the values of society between the swimming carnival and the rugby league homecoming. One of the main differences between the two can be the numbers of people that turn up on the day, swimming carnival has a less people because of the limited amount of seats in the stadium, whereas at the homecoming it’s an open event where anyone can come and watch the games. This would explain the cultural values and the social group’s history.
In suggestion to strategies on fixing my self- image problems, I simply...

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