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Decreasing Population Of Snow Leopards Essay

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The Snow Leopard’s population is decreasing, quickly. Snow Leopards are categorized, as endangered, on the IUCN scale since the last count in 2008. I fear if we don’t do something, quick, they could fall to critically endangered. With only 5000-7000 snow leopards left in the wild, and with around 600-700 snow leopards in captive. Even worse, only 2500-3500 can reproduce. For the last 20 years they have been placed, as endangered, on the IUCN scale, even after multiple counting. The IUCN, is a group that evaluate the number, of each plant and animal, species. How the chart works, is quite simple, it goes from left to right. The first category of the chart is “Not Evaluated” that means the ...view middle of the document...

After they eyeball the meal, they jump between rocks and obstacles till they are the right distance. Because the, snow leopards, fur pattern is so similar to the rocky surroundings, they are able to use it as camouflage. When the time is right, the snow leopard will pronounce and lead a chase in which the snow leopards usually are the champions. The snow leopards hunts every 8-10 days and takes 3-4 days to finish the larger prey. The snow leopards, can amazingly hunt animals 3 times their size.
Experts say, unlike other cats, they consume vegetation, but that Because of their pattern of fur, it is so similar to the bland surroundings they are able to use it as camouflage, when they get close enough Since the snow leopards live in such food dependent areas areas that when food is scarce they are driven to find the livestock, because so many of the farmers are in poverty, they don't want to lose them so when the snow leopards try to hunt the livestock the farmer kill/or severely injure the cats.

pale gray with black spots but it has hints of tan They have thick fur which helps in the cold climate and paws that act as snowshoes to stop them from slipping Panthera uncia but is sometimes referred to as ounce. they are sometimes referred to as mountain ghost 39-51 inches is the length for adult snow leopards
A female snow...

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