Decreasing Racism In Canada Essay

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Do you think Canada is still racist country? In my opinion, I definitely support the fact that Canada is not a racist country anymore. It has changed significantly since its birth; it was once a child, however, it has now grown up and is a role model for other countries. Rewinding back to the early and mid 1900, Canada was known as a racist country; however after WWII, it started to reduce the racism, sexism, and hatred against non-white Races. Canada began to allow multi races such as Chinese, Japanese, and the Jewish to live in Canada, however, life was still difficult for the non- whites. The essay “Our Home and Racist Land” was written approximately 50 years ago and talks about facts that occurred 30 years before the essay was written. The narrator of this story talks about her father in the 1930s. She states “looking for a job in the thirties was a scare, especially for blacks”. Her father had a tough time finding a job, since the racism level in Canada was reaching the sky. At first her father was a cook at The Great Lakes, he worked for extended hours a day and was not paid a fair amount, her father usually returned home in a jaded condition. . Is it anything like that in Canada today? No, it is not, today in Canada all adult workers are paid nothing below the minimum wage, and bonus pay kicks in when a worker decides to work overtime. Differiencity is not the solution in Canada anymore; it usually is against the Canadian law. The narrator of the essay includes that her father finally found a job in 1942 at Ford Motor Company’s transportation centre in Windsor. Her father was hapless at the time, fortunately his life and luck made a U turn and this proofs that Canada began to take a step towards a multiculturalism nation. Non-whites were being hired as workers depending on what their capabilities were. Before her father began to work at Ford Motors, he was an “all around” man for a white family; as you can see a significant change occurred, from being an all around man to an important worker a company. Her father was even promoted to as the supervisor of the laboratory; he was recognized by his white supervisor. Her father was the first African American to hold such a position. This tells us that Canada was becoming an open country. However, some Canadians were still racist, mostly the old generations such as the grandparents who ever still fresh with the term racism and wanted to continue what they were though to do as a child. Fortunately, today the old generation is not like what the same old generation was back in the 1940s.
In 1960s, the natives of this country; the first people to live here were finally, after a lot of struggle allowed to vote. The native people are white, but yet they were discriminated because their cultures were different. If Canadians had enough guts to discriminate what we call the “founders of Canada”, then why would they even care about different races. In 1998, Canada gave the rights and respect to the...

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