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Decriminalization of drugs is a sensible policy and many would approve in decriminalization under the current regime. The outlook will be vastly good with the possibilities of less property crimes and homicides in the current society, also less overcrowding in prisons due to addicts getting convicted, and huge percent of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS will decrease to users who are not homosexual.
Property crimes will go down outstandingly due to anyone addicted to drugs. Citizens will be detained in a forced rehabilitation because they can not break and enter into houses to rob expensive items that they can sell and buy more drugs to support their habit.” ...view middle of the document...

Sexually transmitted diseases would go down to an all-time low. Some heroin users will seek treatment and the sharing of dirty needles which is the culprit to AID spreading around drug users will go down but also the demand for addicts seeking help will double in size. HIV infections in drug users in Portugal dropped by 17% between 1999 and 2003(Maia szalavitz).The deaths caused by drugs were cut in half. People seeking help got methadone and buprenorphine for drug addiction went to 14,877 from 6,040, after decriminalization and money saved from enforcement went increased funding in drug free treatment (time magazine n.pag).
The opposition states that decriminalization of drugs will cause a stream of problems and here are their claims on why decriminalizing drugs. Existing treatment is not large enough to influx millions of new addicts to the legal system, increased supply of drugs will cause prices to fall and millions of new people will be tempted, and finally the biggest fear is that decriminalization will lead a big push to legalization and that has a whole package of problems of its own( “addiction help center”).
While there are might be in inflation of millions of drug addicts heading into treatment. Keep in mind where will they be placed to get the help they need or want to get help. They will get sent to rehab centers, half way houses, sober living homes and to justify the amount of people getting sent to this, they got to build more of these sober living homes and rehab centers if they want to keep up with the consistent amount of drug addicts being sent there to help with their addiction.
The second claim the opposition states the increase supply of drugs will cause the prices to crumble and millions of people will experiment and cause...

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