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Decriminalization Of Prostitution In America Essay

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Growing up, I lived in a city where it was a common occurrence to see a prostitute walking down the boulevard. I was perplexed when people told me that what those men and women did was illegal. It’s your body; shouldn’t you be able to do what you want with it? A person should have the right to give sexual service for money if it’s done willingly. The earliest records of prostitution dates back to 4000 B.C and is made in reference. Prostitution has been a much tolerated and popular practice of almost every society and it is only in strict religious societies that it was barely tolerated up until about a hundred years ago when they started making stricter laws against prostitution such as England. Legalization is different from decriminalization which means that you cannot be thrown in jail for doing something instead the most the government could do is fine you for it, whereas, legalization would mean taxes and actual backing by the government. I argue that prostitution in the United States should be decriminalized for the following reasons: it would lessen the cost the government and subsequently taxpayers spend arresting prostitutes yearly, prostitutes rights shouldn’t be overlooked because it goes against the moral standards of the higher echelon of society, and decriminalizing it would help in decreasing violence and possibly even rape count.

Thousands of men and women are arrested yearly for prostitution and selling elicits bodily services. According to the Bureau of Justice’s statistics of on average nearly 70,000 men/women were arrested from 2000 to 2010 for prostitution and commercialized vice arrests and of these arrests nearly $20,000-$40,000 a year per inmate depending on the state. This doesn’t even include the money spent on raids and stakeouts of sexual massage parlors and other sex work businesses. When you considered the amount of money spent per inmate times the amount arrested each year you are looking at well over one hundred to three hundred million spent on arresting these people for having sex. Just explaining this out loud to someone and they would tell you it is ludicrous how much money is spent arresting people who have committed no real crime.
Having a person thrown in jail because what they do goes against your morals and beliefs is inconceivable right? Yet this is exactly what the U.S. is doing right now to prostitutes and those in the sex industry. “Prostitution should not be a crime. Prostitutes are not committing an inherently harmful act” (Colb). There is no actual crime being committed by prostitutes who are selling their body for profit, if anything their job is comparable to a model or an actress—yet we don’t arrest them. Models and actresses sell their bodies to the media, while prostitutes sell their bodies to strangers; the only difference between the two is that prostitution is considered immoral and a societal wrong because of the high morals of the higher echelon of society. It is true that disease is...

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