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Decriminalization Of Recreational Drugs Essay

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Armanda Hasa October 21st, 2014212820866 AP/PHIL 2075 3.00 Graeme TaylorThesisIn the United States of America the distribution, use and making of recreational drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine has been criminalized. Any person that takes part in distributing, using, and making of these drugs have been exposed to incarceration. People that engage in drug use should not be exposed to punishment. If there are complexities in dealing with the addiction of drug use, it should be left in approach of the medical and psychiatric fields, not criminal law. In this essay, I will argue that we should decriminalize the use of recreational drugs. It has been suggested that some drugs aid relaxation, increase potential energy and even increase artistic creativity, which leads to drugs users being productive. In order to defend my position I will aim to prove that the decriminalization of recreational drugs is not necessarily an argument for legalization of drugs but merely rejecting the idea that the production, the sale and use of recreational drugs is a criminal offence.IntroductionIn defense of my position, I will be using Douglas Husak as a source to help justify my arguments about why we should decriminalize the use of recreational drugs. In the article "Why We Should Decriminalize Drug Use", Douglas Husak questions the idea of why the law punishes people who use drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine. He argues that imprisonment for drug use is a cruel punishment when it is mostly harmless to others. Husak begins to support his philosophical argument by bringing up the issue that punishing people for drug use should demand justification. Since incarceration is dangerously described, the state has an obligation togive reasons in order to justify this take of action. However, in his article Husak believes that there is absolutely no compelling reason as to why drug users are exposed to imprisonment.I will develop two arguments in support of my thesis. First, I will argue that the criminalization of recreational drugs has been disadvantageous in the aim of protecting children. Second, I will argue that the criminalization of recreational drugs has been disadvantageous in preventing crime.Defense Argument and Counter Argument #1One might argue that punishing drug users protects children and adolescents. Their main focus could be the promotion of the well being of children as a reason to keep the production and sale of drugs illegal.However, I strongly disagree with that argument. I find that punishing adolescent drug users is a very strange way of protecting them. Punishing one adolescent drug user to prevent another adolescent from turning into a drug user is an unsuccessful process. Furthermore, punishing even adult users so that children and/or adolescents do not start following on the same footsteps "is not likely to prevent adolescents from becoming drug users, and even if it did, one would have to show that the harm prevented to the...

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