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“AC is almost like high school. You go to a few classes for an hour or two and study. Nothing is really different,” Sarah explained during a conversation among her friends. Sarah, like many suggest, observes Angelina Community College lacking uniqueness and an inviting atmosphere. Although community colleges are generally defined as simply building blocks or prerequisites toward bigger-and-better things, Angelina College would benefit from a well-invested dedicated student activity center. A dedicated student center could ignite that “Campus-Life” generating motivation within an individual’s work ethic and Roadrunner esprit de corps while promoting the college’s name.
Angelina College’s current student center illustrates a shortcoming of commitment to student satisfaction. The center blends in with the surrounding buildings near the origin of the campus. One of the few discrepancies is its sign, “Student Center”, which, in context, may be misleading due to the lack of actual consistent student affiliation. Inside, the student center accommodates a miniscule cafeteria, a cramped campus store, and an array of faculty offices. Although enclosed inside inhibits some basic elements of a student center, its deficiencies cannot be hidden. Not a single section welcomes students to relax or gather thoughts. The only close, yet unorthodox, constellation comprises of the faculty office’s waiting areas, the cafeteria tables, or the stairs on the stairwell. Recreation seems non-existent and only accessible for the represented sports at their respective training facilities scattered across campus. Lastly, the faculty offices amount for a biased percentage of the building. As a result, everyday students survey limited choices regarding their association, if any, with Angelina College outside of class, and the college confines its potential to attract positive attention.
Various added features to the center will entice all characters of students. For the student who has a break between classes, he or she only holds the option to spend money for transportation elsewhere and (or) possibly spend more money in outside restaurants. Isn’t a major point of a community college the modest financial expenses? A student center containing recreation such as billiard tables, ping pong tables, a multi-sport court, or other small sport, and a lineup of popular restaurants could occupy time between classes and save an extra trip. If the student prefers more relaxation vs the active approach, TV entertainment or gaming is the solution and appeals to the inner movie/ sport fanatic or inner geek. A new dedicated student center also potentially caters the student who seeks a quiet educational refuge to himself or to communicate thoughts amongst his classmates in a separate room designed with sufficient numbers of study tables,...

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