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When you think of America, you think of liberty, democracy, and the opportunities of a meritocracy. The red, white, and blue. The land of the free, and the home of the brave. Big business of corporate America see it as the land of the detainee and home of the slave. America holds the title for being the most free land of roughly all 200 countries on Earth, but it also holds a very contradicting, opposing title; the title for the largest unfree population on this planet, both in sheer numbers and per capita. The private prison industry is nothing new, but has been around since colonial times when prisoners were held on ships. It has since evolved into a mammoth commerce with monstrous prospects for profit.
Private prison corporations have found a way to squeeze money out of an area that has no flexibility. The only way to reduce cost in an industry paramount to maintaining a secure foundation is to cut corners and cheat. They send their lobbyist to buddy-up with the advisors of governors and stuff their wallets. They cut the build time down to half the time that it takes to build a public facility. They undertrain and underpay their employees. They understaff facilities and skip the necessities required by law to be provided to the inmates. They conceal incidents or doctor the reports. They have It is because of these reasons amongst many others that privatizing our prisons and jails is destroying America’s correctional system and should not be in the hands of corporate America.
Care, neglect, abuse
The care at these private facilities is what some have described as inhumane. Former employees of Youth Services International facilities in Florida told the Huffington Post they recall going without deodorant, tampons, toilet paper, and other necessities required by law to be provided to the inmates. Inmates at these facilities told the H.P. that they were served bloody, undercooked food with flies and maggots in it, and excessive force was often used; including slapping, punching, choking, and slamming the inmates’ head into cement walls (Kirkham). Some of such incidents have resulted in broken or fractured bones. It seems almost unfathomable that the government would allow such incidents to occur that clearly void terms of contracts set forth. An incident at one of Y.S.I.’s juvenile boot camps in Fort Worth, Texas resulted in 18-year-old Bryan Alexander’s death. He begged to the facility’s nurse and instructor to be taken to the hospital for a week, but his pleas were met with the response that he was faking his illness. He died two days after they decided to take him to the hospital. Doctors told Texas Rangers that if he had his chest X-rayed when he first started complaining, that he would not have died from pneumonia. All of these incidents of neglect are clear violations of contracts agreed by these two entities, but when a company has failed to uphold the contract negotiated, the state simply allows them to terminate the contract early or...

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