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Dedication of an Athlete ~Mia Hamm~ Many people have the dream to become something, something better, but little have the heart and dedication to turn their dream into reality. I would like to analyze the triumphs and downfalls of the life of a woman who broke an athletic barrier, Mia Hamm. I want to share with you her honor and awards and the dedication she possesses to get her so far. Mia was born Mariel Margaret Hamm on March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama to Stephanie and Colonel William (Bill) Hamm. She has five other siblings. Mia grew up as what they call a "military brat", she was specifically an Air Force brat. She spent her early childhood in many different bases throughout the world including California, Texas, Virginia and Italy. Her father watched soccer while in Italy and instantly fell in love with the sport. He urged her to play, but she played whatever her siblings played especially her older brothers. She got her competitive edge at an early edge. She remembers as child, quitting many games because she hated to lose. "She had the idea that if you quit before the game was over it's not actually losing." (Women's Soccer World, 2 Although she still hates to lose, she has lost that "quit or lose" attitude. She knows there is a lot more to the game, and winning comes along with losing. In fact sometimes you learn the most, about your skills, what needs improvement, and about your team as whole when you lose. Mia began playing the sport of soccer at age seven, after much persuasion of her father, and she has continued to play ever since. When she was 14 she was so good she dominated girl soccer in Texas and attracted the attention of a coach named John Cossaboon. John Cossaboon knew this girl had the talent to make it far, and knew she needed to be seen. So Cossaboon called his friend, Anson Dorrance. Anson Dorrance had coached the University of North Carolina women's soccer since 1979 and from 1985 to 1994 had been the U.S. national team coach. Dorrance received a lot of calls similar to these, and wasn't sure whether or not to make the effort and go see this so called "superstar" or not. He went with his instinct though and flew to Texas. "He was amazed at what he saw, and at the age of 15 in 1987 she joined the American National team, becoming it's youngest member ever." (1996 Sports Endeavors, She followed Dorrance to 3 Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she went to University of North Carolina (UNC) and led the Tar Heels in four national championships. On July 25, 1990 she scored her first career goal in Winnipeg, Canada against Norway. She earned all American Honors for the three years she played, she sat out her 1991 season in order to focus on the first Women's World Championships. During that time she worked for Eurosport as a customer service representative taking orders over the phones. Even though Mia is a soft spoken person, people say she has a...

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