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It was a cold winter’s day and the snow was falling from the thunderous sky above. The clouds were black and the air crisp. As I looked out the frosty window, which was cold to the touch, the first thing that came to my head was my grandma. My grandma is an elderly woman suffering from dementia at the age eighty-three. She is living in a sixties style bungalow which was far too big for her as she only uses about two of the rooms; one for sleeping in and one for eating and watching television. I thought I’d walk to my grandma’s house, as she would be lonely and scared.

As I stepped out my front door, locking it behind me I thought, “I must be careful where I stand as the ice is thick and deep.” I walked cautiously out of the street making sure I was steady on my feet and wasn’t going to fall. I was wrapped head to toe with clothing-my eyes were the only part of me showing. I felt like the abominable snowman, as I was the only soul on the streets. It was ludicrous how in the whole of Paisley there wasn’t one person or animal or ever noise on this day. Not one! I saw no children, heard no birds and smelt no fumes; it was almost as if I was the only person left.

I was now within a couple of miles of my grandma’s house, my feet wet, my throat dry and my body cold. The wind crawled up my spine as I began to shiver. Suddenly the weather took a dramatic change for the worst. The thunder roared like the dominant lion, the lighting flashed and hailstones the size the size of golf balls began to pound my already weakened body. At this point I felt unable to carry on in my journey in the snow. As I turned the corner I was once again filled with joy as the sight of my grandma’s house brought back memories of hot chocolate and marshmallows, I could almost smell it. I was victorious. I was now within a few steps of my grandma’s house. I opened the gate, brushing the snow of the rusted edges. The steps were tough to climb, and were also shielded with snow, I had no energy remaining at this point. As I jumped the final hurdle, relief settled apon me and I sighed thinking, “why did I not just stay at home where it was warm and comfortable”. I pressed the doorbell firmly making sure I could hear it ring. After waiting for around five minutes in the cold wet outdoors the colossal old oak door swung opened revealing no more than an elderly lady with a smile on her face, my worries were ever so quickly turned to dust.

In an instant, I recalled the hot chocolate and marshmallows that my grandma had made me since I was young. With open arms she welcomed me, squeezing me tightly causing some of the blood too once again run freely through my body. I walked into the kitchen following her, at this moment I knew what was coming, hot chocolate and marshmallows. I took a seat and was presented with the mug! I finished every last drop making sure the remainders were gone. She looked at me and smiled, I looked back and thanked her. She wasn’t felling too well –...

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