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Deep Thoughts Essay

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Rozan Al koleb is a painter who I have known for 4 years. She is 22 years old, and she likes to draw an unusual painting. Her interesting paintings g " Deep Thoughts ” created in 2012, and the size of this painting is painting is 16.5 x 11.7 inches. She used watercolor, and her style is expressionism style. There are black Arabic words on the light yellow background, and a woman with large forehead in the middle. Down on the left side, she signed the double P with a red pen. The woman who has a large head has black hair, and she is bald on the top of the left side. She shows one ear on the left side, and the other one is covered with her hair. She has closed eyes, a small nose and pursed dark red lips and they are drawn with black lines. Then, you can see her tiny neck and a quarter of her body colored with a tint of yellow and brown. She outlined the body with a black line and edge lines for the body’s details. Also she used small lines on the ...view middle of the document...

For example, there are one ear and less hair on the right side, but on the left side there is more hair covers the ear. In conclusion the most important principles of designs in the entire painting are balance and unity. The right side has more words and less black hair. However, the left side has less words and more black hair, so these make the painting fits well together and feels balance.
In addition, I think always paintings represent painters. Moreover they represent their mood and feelings. The mood in this picture is sad and relaxing. The woman seems that she wants to relax but she could not, so her forehead becomes large. The words, which turn out on the background symbolizes no room for more thinking. The translation of these words from Arabic to English is why, love, family, you, mother, reason, everyday and I, so when you look at them, you know there is problem. I spoke with the artist who felt the same when she drew that painting .She told me that her mother and father had problems together which caused a divorce, so she was thinking about her life after that. She drew this painting while she was very upset, and she wanted to show that in her painting. I think this painting shows her feelings and mood, and I had aesthetic experience to look at it and feel it.
In conclusion, using the principles of designs on paintings shows the success of these paintings. For example, when I Interpreted this picture, I felt that she shows her feeling and mood successfully. Especially, when you see the large forehead and the words on the background. Although the woman’s shape is unusual, that is her target, which was done well. The quality of her work was simple and decent because she did not use too much colors, but she used the shade and tint to show more details such as her body. Also she created it by her thinking, feeling, and new idea, such as the words and the large forehead. I think this painting will be a historical significance because it can be used as an example of one girl who drew this painting because of her mother and father divorce. Showing her feelings pleased me, and I like everything in her painting. However, I wish that she drew it in a bigger size because I think it will let the picture more beautiful and attractive.

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