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The Illinois Department Of Natural Resources

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There should never be a reason to not have anything to do in Illinois thanks to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources offers many different opportunities for Illinois sportsmen as well as visitors to the state. The IDNR covers many different categories including; conservation of the land, hunting and fishing, law enforcement, and state museums. Without the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, there would not be the same amount of endless opportunities that we benefit from every day. From going to the museum to learn about the history of Illinois to going out and harvesting a deer, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has got you covered.
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is a cabinet level department of the Illinois State Government, with its main headquarters in Springfield, Illinois. The IDNR operates all of the state parks and state recreation areas, enforces the fishing and game laws of Illinois, regulates the coal mines, is in charge of the Illinois State Museum and oversees investigations of the scientific research of the soil, water, and mineral resources of the whole state. In 1995, the department was renamed from the Illinois Department of Conservation to the current Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This change added functions to the former old Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources and the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals to the agency combining it all into one name or agency. In 2009, The IDNR consisted of a total of sixteen different offices and bureaus. These offices include: administration, architecture, compliance, director, law enforcement, land management, legal counsel, legislation, mines and minerals, public events and services, environmental planning, resource conservation, state museums, water resources, and last but not least, state surveys. Within all of these different offices, the IDNR had a budget of $187.1 million (Wikipedia).
As a way of conserving the natural resources of Illinois, IDNR came out with the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan. The Illinois Wildlife Action Plan benefits the health of wildlife and people, gives people a better quality of life, fulfills everybody’s responsibilities to conserve the wildlife, and strengthens the economy. The IWAP plans on conserving the wildlife and habitat by protecting the clean water and air, which therefore makes wildlife and people healthier. The IDNR broke the campaign into many different subcategories. One of these categories is the Farmland and Prairie Campaign. At one time over sixty percent of Illinois, approximately twenty-two million acres, was once prairie, but has since been changed. Today, only twenty-five hundred acres remain. The majority of the land that was once occupied by prairie was converted into valuable farmland. Because of this decline, different grassland species have suffered great declines. This is why the Farmland and Prairie Campaign...

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