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Deer Hunting Laws: The Lacy Act

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Dr. George Johnson states that, “Few residents in Missouri and Illinois have prospered more in the 20th century than have our deer” (Exploding deer populations). Early in the 20th century white tailed deer were rare in the Midwest. Uncontrolled hunting had reduced their numbers to about 500,000 nationwide, and some states had no deer at all. Dr. George Johnson states that, “In order to protect the remaining deer, laws were passed in the 1920’s and 1930’s to restrict hunting, particularly of does (females)” (Exploding deer populations). The history of deer has to deal with population and the Lacy Act. Characteristics have to deal with many car problems and deer management. Crop damage has raised farmer’s brows over the property damage and the size of the deer. The population in Illinois has caused many problems such as over population, crop damage, deer management, large deer (food) and land owner rights over the years.
The population of deer per square mile is hard for people to grasp because most people have a hard time understanding where they live and how they reproduce. This is why it causes a lot of problems with understanding the number of deer per square mile (IDNR’s deer management). In the early 1800’s before the Europeans began settling in Illinois, there was a great abundance of deer. That was until the Europeans started clearing trees and brush for agricultural needs. Then the abundance of deer began to decrease very rapidly in the late 1800s (History of Deer Management). The density on the number of deer is based by square miles. Deer numbers differ if they are located in suburbs or natural areas. The size and condition of deer raises a very different perspective on deer in Illinois (IDNR’s Deer Management). Typically, deer are and have been seen together in key habitats and prime feeding sources (Damage Prevention and Reduction). Deer live where there is plenty of food, water and prime bedding areas. That is because they do not like to travel out of their own habitat/ area.
White tailed deer are the only native species to Illinois. Most deer in Illinois range in height from three to four feet tall at the front shoulders. The way to tell if there are deer in the area is if there are deer beds and trails. Deer have dew claws in which, when the ground is soft enough it leaves a print in the ground along with the rest of the hoof print. White tailed deer have heart shaped hoof prints which makes it easy to identify. So there for no other animals in Illinois have tracks that are similar to deer which makes it really easy to identify them in Illinois. Deer have droppings that are similar to rabbit pellets except they are way larger and range anywhere from ½ inch to 1 inch long. When it is winter, the hair of a deer is a grayish brown which acts as a camouflaging agent. Now when the hair of the deer is reddish brown it is summer. Fawns have white spots on their side which when they reach anywhere from three to five months old they go...

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