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Deer Population Essay

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White tailed deer populations continue to rise. The lack of land is causing unhealthy living environment for the white tailed deer. Deer overpopulation needs to be controlled. The three main types of deer control are hunting, predator control, and non-aggressive control methods.
The most popular form of deer control is hunting. Hunting is a helpful management tool for keeping deer from becoming overpopulated. When European settlers arrived, the deer were hunted for meat and hide without thinking of management. After 100 years, deer were threatened with extinction in N.C. Today deer populations are 1.25 million in NC. Hunting can help regulate this population if done correctly. (Hartiganand ...view middle of the document...

This controls the overpopulation of deer .
There are many non-aggressive control methods for managing deer. All of these methods prevent deer from living in certain areas which decreases the amount of land they have to inhabit. Electronic fencing is inexpensive and can protect crops and vegetables gardens, (Gegner). Bait the fence with peanut butter and apples, which deer are attracted to and they will get shocked. This method trains deer to stay away. The second method is scare devices. The use of propane cannons and gas explosives set to go off at different times can also scare deer. Strobe lights and sirens can also deter deer, but deer may get used to these tactics. The next method is the use of dogs. Dogs are used behind an invisible fence. The dogs bark and scare away deer but it may take two dogs for sixty acres of land to keep the deer under control. This is an expensive method. The fourth method is to use repellents to deter deer. This is an expensive method and may not work as well as other methods. Repellents can be made of rotten eggs and hot sauce. These repellents are applied to crops in hope that the deer will never return. These methods help control the overpopulation, but also decreases the amount of unihabitated land for deer to roam and live in. Electronic fencing, scare tactics, dogs, and repellents prevent deer from living in certain areas.
The final non-aggressive method for deer control is experimental. These methods aim to control overpopulation by decreasing the likelihood of reproduction allowing the white tail deer to accumulate more land to live on. While studying the deer population on Bald Head Island, officials decided to try birth control on deer, (Brown). The use of birth control would reduce the more common practice of killing deer with lethal, short-range shotguns. In the past, the town fully funded the deer management which was always lethal. They hired sharp shooters on the island that would kill deer using 22 caliber rifles. The shooters would shoot the deer at close range in the head. To remove seventy-two deer, the town spent $12,000 in February, 2012. (Brown). The deer meat was donated to charity. Before...

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