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First of all, I want to go to the same school with my brother. Being twins, I feel like a half piece of me is in California and another half in Massachusetts. It is not normal for twins to be separated, they should be together. Phillip and I have been so close growing up. He is my best friend. I miss my brother a lot because he lives 2,987.1 miles away. Thanksgiving Breaks and Christmas Breaks are precious to me because I get to enjoy time with my twin brother. It pains me to wave goodbye to Phillip at the airport because I will not see him for another 2 or so months. I know that my brother feels alone on plane rides and I think I can change that by going to Deerfield with him. In addition, it is also frustrating to my parents because of the long-distance separation. During the parent weekend, my mom took care of me while my dad visited my brother. It would be easier for my parents if we both went to Deerfield. From my brother, I heard a lot about Deerfield’s awesome education environment, athletics and the diverse friends he has made. I believe that I can also excel in Deerfield’s classes, athletics, clubs and be able to contribute greatly to Deerfield community.
Meanwhile, at Great Oak High School, I have been busy with my classes and extracurriculars. Academically, I try to challenge myself and go outside my comfort zone by taking 3 rigorous AP classes. Moreover, I have a great passion for learning especially math and science. In the Deerfield Daily Bulletin, I read about an interesting summer research program called Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT, where Deerfield students go to study over the summer. I wish to go to that program too. For extracurriculars, I love to do community service because I love to help people. I am a proud tutor for the city of Temecula at the Temecula Public Library. The subjects I tutor range from Algebra to Precalculus, Chemistry and Spanish. I feel extremely happy when a student finally understands the concept. In addition, I am also a Treasurer in Math Club and a devoted member in Boxing Love and Future Doctors of America. It is funny that most people assume Boxing Love as a club where people box and spar with each other. Instead, we pack boxes full of clothes and love to send to the needy children around the world. In sports, I am on the Girl's Varsity Golf Team. I am so delighted that I was a contributing member in our team being League Champions of our division. I also play Varsity Lacrosse. I dream to play lacrosse at Deerfield.
I am the perfect match for Deerfield because...

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