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Def. Leppard Essay

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Have you ever turned on the radio in your vehicle and heard an outrageous rock song? Yeah that is right it is the band Def Leppard. They have been touring and doing shows for twenty five plus years and are still jamming as we speak. This band has been through just about everything you could think of and surprisingly they are still together after drug over doses, car accidents, and divorces. The contributions to music demonstrated by the career of Def Leppard prove beyond a doubt the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should induct this band. Def Leppard’s worthiness of this award is shown in there achievement, influence, and professional.
First of all, Def Leppard deserves this award because ...view middle of the document...

The third influences is that “Def Leppard was blamed for influencing lady gaga for the music she plays now” (Laney).
Last of all, they deserve this award because they have been very professional as a band. They have had very many tragedies such as divorces, wrecks, and even deaths from overdosing on drugs and they have still managed to pick it back up and move on and keep playing amazing music. (JK19) You think the name Def Leppard, you think rock- n-roll, but now, they also play some very good country music too (Tamenbaum 16). Some of their band members like Phil Collen said that he was feeling very professional because of just not playing rock-n-roll (Laudation 48). The next reason they are very professional is because they show other bands and people how hard it is to publish records, and what they have to do to get their reward (Dougherty 89). The next reason they are professional is because their next tour is going to cover over forty different shows all over the country so they will be a very busy band and are well liked (Fekadu). Another professional reason I think is because, they are not afraid at all to wear their Fur covered animal coats at every show ( Derrik).
The reason some people would not induct Def Leppard into the hall of fame is because they caused some people to kill...

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