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Defamation is a statement concerning a person, company, product, group, government or nation, (whether it be false or true), which may give them a negative image, and make them an object of contempt, hatred mockery, ridicule, from right-thinking members of society. It is strongly my belief that the former Prime Minister has been defamed by the newspaper ‘Silander Times’ as well as the telecommunications company ‘Lie-Bell TV’. But there are different forms of defamation which I will explain in detail, before I offer my advice.One form of defamation is slander. Slander is a temporary form of defamation; it is spoken, not written. Slander is not actionable per se, which means, it has to be proven somehow, that the person’s reputation was actually injured by what was said. According to: Lecture.pdf Damage must always be proven for slander, with exception of the following instances: where an allegation that the plaintiff has committed an imprisonable offence, where there is an imputation that the plaintiff is suffering from a contagious disease, leprosy, HIV/AIDS and otherwise, where there is imputation that a woman has been adulterous or acted in an ‘unchaste’ manner, or where there is an imputation that the plaintiff is not fit to carry on his or her trade. Apart from these four instances, slander always has to be proven. It is also to be noted that slander is a tort, which is a breach of general duty imposed by law.Libel, is a permanent form of defamation, which may be presented in writing, films, radio and television broadcasts, performance of plays and even wax images. Libel is actionable per se, which means damage does not have to be proven. Also, libel can be prosecuted not only as a tort, but as a crime, which is a wrong done to the state.There is yet also another defamatory offense known as an innuendo. This is an indirect statement about someone/something that implies something bad or rude. The sole intention of an innuendo is to insult, cause embarrassment, or to accuse someone, in a way that is not blatantly obvious. It may not appear to be defamatory on the surface, but has an innuendo which contains a defamatory meaning. The meaning behind the innuendo must be clear to people that know the plaintiff, and it must be pleaded in court by the plaintiff.In order for the plaintiff to successful press charges for defamation three criteria must be met. I will now present the evidence of the first criteria, which is: ‘the statement must be defamatory’. According to the press and the media, ‘The Prime Minister was reportedly found in possession of a large amount of money; it was also stated that the money was assumed to be of “questionable” sources.’ Also, in the newspaper’s headline which stated: ‘Former PM caught with “foreign” cash!, the word caught, implies that the former leader was indeed up to illegal practices and was...

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