Defend, Refute, Or Qualify The Fact That Although Modern Television Shows May Seem To Dramatize Politics, They Are Actually Quite Accurate

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Television shows are a part of our modern culture. People set aside time in the day to watch their favorite dramas on TV. More and more shows are being made about politics. They portray action in the white house and senate and turn Washington D.C. into a stage for the biggest scandals and drama. These shows give the general population a idea of what the inside of the U.S. government may be like, but how accurate is this portrayal? Shows like “Scandal”, “House of Cards”, and “Veep” help to form the American person’s vision of Washington D.C. Some may guess that these portrayals are inaccurate, however, most actually show strong similarities to the real U.S. government.
“Scandal,” a television show currently on its third season, follows the story of Olivia Pope and the rest of her firm whose job is the “fix” scandals. The show gets involved with politics because Olivia is having an affair with the president and Olivia’s father runs a top-secret government agency. Much of Olivia’s firm is also related to Washington politics. One of her workers used to work for her father, one of them is dating the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, and the connections go on and on, always growing. The scandals in this show make it appear dramatized and unrealistic, but in actuality, there are some accurate portrayals of politics (Tucker). The show portrays all of Washington’s elite to be married or related to each other. All of Olivia’s workers are some how connected to the elite in Washington who are all some how connected to each other. In reality, this is also the case. Five of the presidents had a relative precede them in precedency. All of the people in Washington are related and “Scandal” shows this (Frank).
“Scandal” also makes politicians appear that they will do anything to maintain power. At one point on the show, the Chief of Staff almost has his good friend assassinated because she was threatening his chance at power. The First Lady on the show is power hungry and so puts up with her husbands affair with another woman to maintain her status as First Lady. The Watergate Scandal, although less dramatic, that killing a best friend, is similar to this idea. Nixon overstepped his boundaries because he was afraid of losing power (Frank).
A final point that “Scandal” accurately portrays is that there are affairs in the oval office. The main character, Olivia Pope, is having an affair with President Grant. Although there is no definite proof, it is suspected that John F. Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. It also apparent that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinski. These affairs seem like something added to television to make it more dramatic and interesting, but they actually happen (Frank).
“Veep,” is a more comedic take on...

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