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Defense Against Collaborative Attacks In Manet

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The proposed approach has cross layer detector to capture more than one layer. In the single layer misbehavior detector the misbehaving node can easily escape from the detection. So we have to use some different techniques called cross layer misbehavior detector. The cross-layer mechanism is used to maintain the functionalities associated to the original layers but to allow coordination, interaction and joint optimization of protocols crossing different layers. The cross layer protocol design has layer such as application, network, access, link, hardware. The factors of cross layer design are distributed state, mobility, wireless link, new communication modalities, inherent layer dependencies, security, resource constrained nodes.
Intrusion detection systems located on concentrated points such as network gateways. There is a need of an efficient and reliable intrusion detection system to manage the access control and provide a monitoring unit to detect any anomalous behavior in the network. In a wireless network protocol stack, every layer is vulnerable to attacks (internal and external) by adverse nodes in the network. Independent security solutions at different layers might lead to conflicting actions and result in performance degradation. Proper interaction and coordination among different protocol layers helps in developing a robust intrusion detection system suitable for wireless networks. The attacks can be evaluated by three activities before attack, after attack and after response. Randomly packets are generated and transmitted among nodes without activating any of them as attackers. The nodes are normally transmitted before the attack occurs. After the attack, specific nodes were act as attackers that are conducted by malicious nodes. The nodes are not normal under the malicious activities. Response decisions for each node were made and carried out based on these evaluations.
A. Network Formation
The network is formed with the number of normal nodes and the number of attacker nodes. The number of nodes depends upon the application and the area chosen. The path will be established in the network from source to destination. The information is refreshed periodically to maintain the network. The attacks should be properly identified to take proper response action.
B. Neighbour Estimation
A nodes neighbor observes that nodes external behavior by comparing the observed amount of traffic flow into and out of their neighbors. The node...

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