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DefinitionsThis class is OI 361: Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage so it will be advantageous to first learn and have a working knowledge of the words innovation, design, and creativity. Creativity is the first step of the innovative process, coming up with an idea, then that idea moves on to the design process where it is either tangible (product) or intangible (service), the innovation process is complete by the implementation of the creative design.InnovationInnovation means something newly introduced or the act of introducing something new (The Free Dictionary Farlex Inc., 2013). Innovation is an idea put into practice through a creative thought, so you have to have creativity first, coming up with an idea, and then innovation is the team putting into practice. To be innovative people have to behave differently, as compared to creativity, people have to think differently. There are four types of innovation that includes architectural innovation, market niche innovation, regular innovation, and revolutionary innovation. In addition, innovation can be categorized as product innovation, what a company offers, and process innovation which is the way they are created and delivered (von Stamm, Page 8, 2008). Design and creativity are components of innovation so they are used to introduce something new.DesignAccording to The Free Dictionary online, there are several definitions for design that include conceiving or fashion in the mind; invent. The dictionary also says to plan out in systematic, usually graphic form and to create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect. The dictionary also list to create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner (The Free Dictionary Farlex Inc., 2013). According to von Stamm (2008), "Design is the conscious decision-making process by which information (an idea) is transformed into an outcome, be it tangible (product) or intangible (service)." (Page 8)...

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