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Define Feminism Essay

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There are many people who are afraid of telling people that they are feminists. Perhaps, they are afraid of getting rebuffed. Perhaps they are worried that they’ll be laughed at. Perhaps they are concerned that their ideas won’t be given credence. No matter what the reason, there seems to be an issue with the majority of the public with the idea of a feminist and postfeminism. Feminists are usually put down because the idea of feminism is not truly understood. This begs the question - what is feminism, and who is a feminist? A feminist is a person who believes in the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and feminism are the ideals that feminists hold.
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In order to balance legislation for men and women, more women need to be accepted into the political sphere.
Another part of feminism is the fight for economic equality. A common phrase that is tossed around is the “glass ceiling”. The glass ceiling refers to an understood, yet unseen barrier that prevents women and other disenfranchised groups from climbing the corporate ladder. This, of course, results from women being put down from childhood in terms of aspirations, but plenty of women are ambitious and are equally qualified as their male counterparts. The problem of economic inequality is best explained when examining pay checks. Women usually are paid thirty percent less than men for doing the same job. The gender pay gap admittedly has gotten smaller over the last fifty years, but there is plenty of discrimination in the workplace due to the systemized devaluing of women. That systemized devaluation is where the biggest fight of feminism lies - with social equality.
The traditional place of a woman in society was in the house, where she would cook and and raise children, while the traditional place of a man was at a place where he could earn money, food or other necessities for his family to use. This set up meant that men were socially superior to women because women depended on the actions of men to survive. This made sense years ago, because in the past, physical strength was considered to be the most important attribute in social standing as well as survival. However, intelligence, rather than strength, is more valuable as indicated by more students attending college, because an employee with a college degree is more valuable than an employee with a high...

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