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Words are often used without their intended meaning. Some words have been forbidden to be used by certain races or groups or have just been taken out of play due to their foul nature, while others remain in everyday use. The word Narcissist is often thrown at people as a derogatory way of describing anyone who is acting on their own behalf. Unknown by many, it is also used as a medical term to categorize behaviors, symptoms and issues of a personality disorder.
The Urban Dictionary (2005) defines narcissist, in layman terms, as a person who is overly obsessed with ones looks and stature (Mercedes). While, The Webster Dictionary (1913) gives the definition as one who is in love with one’s ...view middle of the document...

The Oxford Dictionary states that a gorgeous young man becomes infatuated with himself after viewing his own image and is later transformed in to a flower named Narcissus (Narcissus). This laid the foundation for naming self-admirers narcissistic or narcissists. In 1898 the word narcissism was put to use by Sexologist Havelock Ellis. The word was used to describe abnormal sexual behaviors relating to an illness or mental disorder (Knight 1193, para.3). Narcissism has continued to be used by Psychologists and Behaviorists for over a hundred years to describe disorders of self-esteem and self- inflation (Knight 1993-96).
There are two types of narcissistic beliefs, healthy and un-healthy. Krauss writes that there is a healthy side of narcissism that occurs in early child hood. She states that parents who appropriately encourage and give positive attention start their children off with a healthy self-image that strengthens them for future challenges while growing up (The Healthy Side of Narcissism, para.4-5). Normal amounts of narcissism define people who are confident within themselves, without feeling they are above others or needing to seek extra privileges for their abilities. Healthy narcissism can be seen in healthy relationships (Floyd, Narramore, Narramore, para.3).
Mayo clinic (2004) explains the difference between healthy and un healthy narcissists as the value a person holds for others (Narcissistic Personality Disorders, Para. 2)The un-healthy side of narcissism comes into play,...

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