Define Propaganda And Its Uses In War During The Twentieth And Early Twenty First Centuries.

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SynopsisThe major essay deals with notions of propaganda throughout history. Significant moments in the past, how they have shaped propaganda as well as how propaganda has impacted war is analysed. There are several different types of propaganda ranging from radio, newspapers, television, posters, speeches, school books, education, popular culture, printed advertisements, celebrity endorsements and public announcements. Although there was not enough space to delve into all the different types of propaganda as well as their differing views in the essay, some such propaganda in school books and education curriculums.One of the first notions of wartime propaganda introduced in history was during the 17th century when Pope Gregory XV decided that the religious wars occurring at the time in Bohemia, Alsace and Palestine were too far gone to be settled with armed force. Instead he announced his plan to create an organisation dedicated to conserving the peace by circulating the catholic faith. Since this is often regarded the origin of modern-day wartime propaganda the essay uses this as a focal point at which to launch into the transformations propaganda has had since then and how it has been used to manipulate on a large scale peoples ideas and thoughts on conflict and wartime issues.MAJOR ESSAYUsing seven sources from the list below, define propaganda and its uses in war during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.Propaganda is a manipulative tool of persuasion used to bring people around to a certain manner of thought or opinion. Propaganda, is often underestimated in its power to decide or at the very least have a considerable impact on the fate of war, it can be used as a instrument to effectively sway the thoughts and ideas of an audience en masse.Propaganda is a representation of a certain doctrine, portrayed through media outlets whether they are visual images, statements or verbally given. There is a purpose behind propaganda which is intended to support a certain policy or system. The term propaganda originally came from a word that meant something akin to 'truth' however; the expression has changed somewhat since it was created. It is a very powerful tool that is used to influence the minds of an audience. It is due to this reason, that propaganda is often perceived as a synonym for 'lies' in a modern context, not meaning that it is used to blatantly lie about issues but rather that it has been known to be manipulative, distorting the truth by only presenting a one sided viewpoint. This essay will aim to first analyse and define what propaganda is, before delving into its uses in war such as fuelling hate, influencing attitudes, and targeting specific audiences during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.Throughout time, propaganda has been an instrument used in war, primarily it has been used to shape opinions, encourage a nation to continue fighting or to ridicule an opponent. It has also been a spectacle that can be...

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