Define Sociology, Outline How The Understanding Of This Can Affect An Individual

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There are many different sociologists throughout history that have navigated throughSociology and its, as one might call it, 'wide spectrums of concepts' within the study.In the following, the definition of sociology will be explained. It will look at how the understanding of this study, individuals/ citizens and social care practitioners can use from the sociologists theories and from being in society as they know it. It will explain the reasons why as human beings living within the social world, act differently in different circumstances and why not everyone holds the same beliefs and values.Defining SociologyAccording to Giddens "Sociology is the study of the human social life, groups and society, its subject matter is our own behavior as social beings (Giddens: 2)". The area that surrounds the study of sociology focuses on behavior and how it affects and influences lives as individuals and as a society. It analyzes and explains the reasons why people act the way they do in society and societies actions as a whole. Sociology is looking outside of the society, taking a broader view. All the rules and norms in society guide people in their daily lives for example; In our society, if something is done by majority it is considered the 'right' thing to do, therefore people will follow. According to Sumner ( many social norms are concerned with 'should'. "The 'should behaviors' are what Sumner called 'folkways', that is; the conservative way of doing things within groups in society" ( However, are not defined as being crucial in the survival as an individual or as a society.The study of sociology not only analyses this but, looks at the structures and Institutions that revolve around the operation of the social world.People are set in social and structural influences in life that go back in history and shows as the structures in society evolve, individuals evolve with it. There are many areas in life that groups in society are set on whether it is religious views, routine or culture. However, this all came from behavior past and present and this is what sociology entails, figuring out the antecedent to nearly justify the present and analyzing how as a society our values change in some ways and stay similar in others over time. The way we live our lives is to do with the society we know and the structures in it. Theorists such as 'Marx', 'Mills' and 'Durkheim' have many theories on what makes a society and the actions it takes.Individuals/citizens and a Social care practitioners' place in society.Status;" The differences between social groups in the social honor or prestige they are accorded by others. Status came to be expressed through people's styles of life" (Weber: 285).According to Marx "status distinction is a result of the class divisions in society" (Giddens: 2001) as a result of the 'mode of production' we are in. "The main dynamic of modern development is the expansion of capitalistic economic...

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