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IntroductionWhile the marketing concept has always focused on consumer needs, the practice of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has truly provided the first major effort to truly put the customer in the centre of companies marketing activities. IMC is not only needed, but critical to marketing success, especially when designing a marketing communication plan. Many tools to can be used to identify the target market for the maximum exposure for a company such as demographics and psychographic factors and the need to formulate the segmentation of a target market.Role of research in IMCThe foundation of IMC starts with sufficient research to understand who the target market is, where they are, what they want to hear, how they want to be communicated with, and how they define a positive relationship with the organization. By focusing a consistent and appropriate message to a defined market, the furniture Olive realizes if the U.S target market is researched correctly they can break through the competitive market.Impact of STP on IMCSegmentation start by recognizing that increasingly, within the target market for a product, specific tastes, needs and demand may differ. It breaks down the total market for a product or service into individual clusters of customers. In segmentation, targeting and positioning, Olive identifies distinct subsets of their customers in the market for furniture where any subset might eventually be selected as a market target.Segmentation and targeting of the audienceThis simulation makes use of demographics. Demographics, such as; age, income and social class, upper and middle class can used to subdividing markets. Specifically, Olive finds that their target market would be based on lifestyle and psychographics. Self-Actualizes and Tightrope...

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