Defining A Great Leader With The Leadership Code

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The Leadership Code describes the essential rules that govern great leaders. Defining the essential serves two purposes, one to help others become better leaders themselves and second to help those charged with building better leadership in their organization. It states that an effective leader requires you to help other leads and being a better leader starts with the self. One must model what you want other to know and do.1 Leaders are learners. The leadership code provides both structure and guidance to help one become a better individual, but also how to build better leadership capacity.
This leadership code is not for quick ideas on how to improve, but how to apply new ideas to your personal leadership. The author breaks the leadership code into five rules. Each rule is broken down to help one understand the characteristics of being an effective leader. To help clarify the five rules, the authors map them against two dimensions: time and attention. Both of the dimensions are supported by the strength of the individual leader. The time dimension helps leaders think and plan in both the short and long term. The attention aspect provides context by which leaders gauge when their focus needs to be on building the organization and when they should focus on building individuals.1
My Temperament was identified as a Guardian Protector (ISFJ). We take up about 10 percent of the population and our primary interest is in the safety and security of those we who we care the most. We are loyal and responsible. We also value traditions both in culture and within our families. We can sometimes be misjudged as stiffness due to our shyness. We are warm-heated and sympathetic to those who are in need. We are the most diligent of all the types of temperaments. We work long hard hours doing all the jobs that people avoid/ do not like doing. We are frequently misunderstood and undervalued just as frequently as overworked. Lastly, we are taken for granted and we rarely get the gratitude we deserve.2
My temperament relates to the authors third rule, which is engage in today’s talent. The temperament of the guardian protector puts others needs before their own. Being a talent manager means to nurture and develop others. It is getting the best out of someone. Following the rules stated in the book, rule number three would come naturally because of the temperament given. Guardian protectors are good at supervising and use these skills in the workplace very effectively. This relates to the authors leadership style by being a personal coach, mentor, or sponsor to those lower in rank in the workplace. Another way my temperament relates to the authors leadership style by investing in yourself, which is rule number five. As a Guardian we know how much we can handle in a given day. Rule number five states that knowing yourself comes from knowing your predispositions, strengths, and weaknesses.1 Having fun in the workplace with other co-workers is part of this temperament,...

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