Defining And Explaining Abortion Essay

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Defining and Explaining Abortion

One of the most common arguments in the world, which I think is easy
to solve to just not let it happen. The killing of a life, who knows
that baby may have became the new David Beckham, William Shakespeare,
Albert Einstein or Mother Theresa. If you followed the Catholic
religion you would be breaking one of the ten commandments, your
depriving the right of human life. Although, teenage pregnancies are
on the rise, teenagers should have more support from the Government
and may be shouldn't have been put in that situation, anyway if they
went so silly in doing it to themselves. I think someone should put a
stop to people having abortion unless there were forcefully made
pregnant by e.g rape it's the end to a new sprung creation of God.

Facts on Abortion!

1 in 3 women have an abortion.

500 abortions a day.

2 hundred thousand a year.

650 women a year have late abortions.

Christians believe abortion is wrong. They say God gives life and no
one else can take it away.

Parenting is difficult and lots of responsibility is needed.

God will forgive Christians if they do abort an unhealthy baby.

Christians believe abortion of a healthy mother and baby is murder.

Abortion is breaking one of the ten commandments.

Sikhs believe it is wrong except if the mother is in danger or the
baby is disabled.

Sikhs believe life begins at contraception.

For and against!

There are many arguments both for and against abortion. People will be
able to justify their reasons and you must accept their views as just
as valid as yours.

Arguments for Abortion!

Every women has the right to choose, so long as she has information on
all the options.

Women will still have abortions, even if they are illegal. But they
would have to rely on back street clinics, which would put them at

Some Christians say that every child should be wanted. No woman should
be forced to carry a child that isn't wanted.

Arguments against abortion!

Many Christians would say that abortion goes against the commandment
'Do not kill'. They believe that the foetus is a new life, so removing
it is murder

Christians believe that God gives life and only he can take it away.

The foetus has rights too, but it cannot voice it's opinion.

There is currently much research about how much pain a foetus can
feel. Some medics claim the foetus is in agony as it dies. Some
midwives claim the foetus makes unusual movements just before it is
aborted. They believe this shows it knows it is about to die.

Many women are stressed, some will have guilty feelings 40 years after
of the abortion.


Many people feel that there are no alternatives to abortion or
requesting voluntary euthanasia, but there are other possible options.


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