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Defining Beauty Essay

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How i define beauty is how somebody looks at an internal desire or most enduring

subject to the human mind. Beauty is something that merely exists in the mind because

everyone perceives beauty differently. One person may perceive beauty in a deformity or

something harsh or even something pretty or maybe even to someone sensitive to

feelings. But beauty is not located in the eye of of the beholder beauty is not an emotion it

mostly is a feeling but no one really knows since it exists in our thoughts. How the world

perceives beauty now these days is putting on makeup to models and being skinny or

even painting. Comparing the beauty of theses days to the old days the perception of

what the world thought it was pretty plain and simple. My overall question’s I hope to

answer about beauty is “Is it really just in the mind can i touch it or even feel it with my

hands!?, Can everyone else feel beauty (beautiful) or is it just our thoughts?”

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Another example of beauty is life such ours human and animals or anything else with

a beginning or end. Life could be beautiful from the very beginning of birth even birth could

be beautiful. Life also has beauty because its not perfect it has its dull in perfect moments.

Animals could have beauty in the way they roam carefree or how they are so

different from us. Like the quote Phyllis McNeil said “ A beautiful heart sees beauty

everywhere and in everyone”. Beauty can not be narrowed down to one thing as I write in

my essay you should find I explain many different examples of beauty.

My last major example of beauty is that no matter how you personally look or even for

that fact look at other things or other people deformities are just as perfect as anything

else. Deformities is usually defined as something ugly, a complication or something that is

not symmetrical with the other half. As unfortunate as deformities is it is also beautiful. A

saying i heard growing up around me is “God just made you a little more beautiful” or “ This

is the way he wanted you”. There is also a quote by Marilyn Monroe “ Imperfection is

beauty; madness is genius; and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely

boring”. I couldn't agree with that statement more than anything because, i wouldnt want to be boring either.

I believe all my examples above help define the word i chose beauty but i also believe

there is more definitions to beauty. However i wrote the major examples that seem to be

the biggest ones that seem to stick out to me the most. I believe the world sees the same

points of view for the most part but everyone will always perceive everything and anything

different. But that doesn't change beauty for a second beauty is unchangeable. According

to Marc Jacobs “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect they are much

more interesting”. But also to answer my question I do not think you can touch beauty but

you can definitely feel beauty, or beautiful and so could anybody else. But i also think

feeling beauty is also like an emotion according to my examples since beauty comes in

many different forms, shapes and sizes beauty is truly indescribable.

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