Defining Community Essay

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Defining Community

Before studying the definition of a community, one might associate the word with life back in their hometown.  After reading through the definitions of community in numerous dictionaries, it is clear that community is so much more than the place you grow up in. It is interesting that the definition of one word could change so drastically over a decade. According to A Dictionary of American English, (1847) the definition of a community is “a communistic or socialistic society.”  Although it isn't hard to identify the idea of each definition, they are extremely different. 

The definition of community from 1874 mentions communism.  This is interesting because many people would not think of their community in terms of communism.  Community is such a friendly word, where as communism is not. It is understandable that some may see some form of communism when thinking about their community. Take West Bloomfield, for example, although the government doesn’t exactly control the economy, it is known to be a wealthy area, filled with the elite people who can afford to live there. Many people are of the same social status. Some may associate the similarities of communism into that. 

Having left home, one may also consider themselves a part of the East Lansing community.  Many students have come to the realization that they are apart of many more communities than just their hometowns. Just as the definitions of community found in The Oxford English Dictionary portray, there are numerous interpretations of the word, just as there are for each individual in real life. It was interesting...

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